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Inside Trailer Shows Willem Dafoe Doing Everything To Survive

We hate to say it, but Willem Dafoe is at his best when he's just a little bit unhinged. Whether hanging around a lighthouse or pestering your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, the madness of Dafoe always makes for great entertainment. 

Directed by Vasilis Katsoupis, "Inside" sees Dafoe as a high-level art thief named Nemo, whom we meet just before a detailed plan heist goes sideways, and the criminal is trapped inside a home he's just broken into. Abandoned by his partner and left to fend for himself, Nemo must figure a way out of the scene of his crime before the police break in, or he breaks within himself. There's art, there's fish, and Dafoe is having heartfelt conversations with a pigeon. In anyone else's hands, this has just as much of a chance to play as a Pixar film. Thankfully, that's not the case and what we've got in store is another testament to what makes Dafoe one of the most hypnotizing actors on screen today. Well, he always stole the show before this; he might as well do it on his own, right?

Inside looks like a claustrophobic nightmare Dafoe can't escape. We're in.

As the world continues to recover from the pandemic that kept us locked indoors, there's something extra unsettling about seeing Willem Dafoe endure a similar experience turned up to eleven. With part of his capture getting literally heated and going as far as to resort to eating his target's tropical fish to stay alive, it's clear that he will be spending more than a few hours indoors. Of course, what that kind of decline will look like has yet to be revealed.

Besides a shift in temperature and sanity, Dafoe's super-smart thief also battles with his personal demons and a high-end security system. As is a common trope with one-person pictures, our hero looks to be enduring some visions to keep him company before the authorities or perhaps a very intense homeowner arrives home to find a thief in his nightgown. We can only see who ends up finding Nemo (we had to) when "Inside" arrives in theatres on March 10.