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Tommy Wiseau And Greg Sestero Are Best F(r)iends In New Trailer

The Room's Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are together once again in the new trailer for their upcoming film Best F(r)iends. The movie, which was written by Sestero, features Wiseau as Harvey Lewis, a mortician who teams up with Sestero's young drifter Jon Kortina to launch an underground crime enterprise which eventually leads them on a journey across the Southwest.

"Trust me, friendship before money," Lewis tells Kortina in the trailer. However, as it quickly shows, things are not always easy for the pair, who are embroiled in violence and destruction. "I have a good story for you," Lewis says. "A familiar story. One guy meet another in a big city. They have dream, but something change. Greed, hatred, and jealousy, you understand the words?" 

Wiseau and Sestero have been back in the news recently after the making of their cult hit The Room was dramatized for the 2017 James Franco hit The Disaster Artist. Wiseau famously came on stage with Franco when the star took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture — Comedy. The movie is also up for Best Adapted Screenplay at the upcoming Academy Awards.

Vince Jolivette, Paul Scheer, Kristen StephensonPino, R.J. Cantu, and Rick Edwards also star in Best F(r)iends. The movie, which was directed by Justin MacGregor, will be released in two parts, with Volume 1 hitting 600 theaters across the country from March 30 to April 2 and Volume 2 playing from June 1 to June 4.