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Big Sky Fans Are Convinced The Photo Of Sunny And Walter Is Really Reba And Shelby

As "Big Sky" enters Episode 8 of Season 3, the mystery of how many villains there actually are has gotten extremely intense. While we knew from the beginning that Walter (Seth Gabel) was bad news and had a hand in Mark Woodman's (Zach Tinker) fall to his death, it's been difficult to tell if he's really bad, or just doing terrible things for people like his mom Sunny (Reba McEntire), or Paige (Madalyn Horcher). But we've also discovered a theft of $15 million, Avery (Henry Ian Cusick) trying to get his hands on it, and Tonya Walsh (Jamie Lynn Sigler) and Donno (Ryan O'Nan) have been hired to kidnap — and possibly murder — Paige and her boyfriend because of it. Oh, and Sunny's husband killed a suspicious camper. There's a lot to keep track of.

And now to add to the chaos is Sunny and Buck's (Rex Linn) son, Cormac (Luke Mitchell), who's suspicious of his parents after discovering their lies. When he's searching their attic for more clues, he comes across a box containing a baby blanket, a newborn's hospital bracelet, and a photo of his mom with a baby. Since his mom has never told him about his half-brother, Walter, Cormac has no idea what to make of these mementos, but viewers are convinced the photo isn't random.

Many fans think the photo shows Reba and her real-life son

When Cormac picked up the photo of Sunny holding an infant, alert Twitter fans immediately thought the mom and baby looked awfully familiar. "Was that a photo of Reba and baby Shelby being used as Sunny & baby Walt? Uh Oh!!" wrote @Brandy_Lee579. "That was such a sweet photo!" added @_NerdyNy_. "It looked like a pic of Reba and her actual son!" Shelby Blackstock is Reba's son, and she occasionally posts pictures of him on her social media. When he turned 30, she posted a photo of him as an infant on Instagram.

While it's possible the photo is of the mother and son, not Reba nor anyone else involved with "Big Sky" has confirmed that the photo is from the family's personal collection. It's not unheard of for old photos of cast members to be used in films and television series — the opening of "Parenthood" featured younger pictures of the cast — but it's also not uncommon for Photoshop to come into play. One fan, @rebaslildiva, tweeted in part, "They just used a different photo to photoshop." Unless Reba comes forth and admits the photo is one of her own with her son, we'll probably never know for sure.