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Fans Are Worried The Blacklist Is Going To Be Canceled

Cable networks have no shortage of procedural-style crime shows. CBS has built a powerful dynasty on the success of the "NCIS" universe while NBC has been the home to the prolific "Law & Order" franchise for the past three decades. In 2013, NBC premiered another crime procedural, although this one differs from the shows popularized in the past. Instead of the pro-NYPD series viewers are used to, "The Blacklist" has a protagonist on the other side of the law. The series follows Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader), known as the concierge of crime, and his shady tactics as the FBI tries to bring down every criminal on his blacklist.

The character's actions are morally questionable, especially regarding the secrets around profiler Liz Keen (Megan Boone). The rookie agent is first introduced with a mysterious past, a trait she shares with her husband, deep-cover operative Tom (Ryan Eggold). This — among many other reasons — makes "The Blacklist" unlike other series on television. And even though Liz and Tom reap the consequences of their lifestyle, Spader continues to carry the series on his talented shoulders. But a decade is a long time for any series to last. And with Season 10 premiering next year, some fans are worried that it's on its last legs.

A new time slot may be a death sentence

Liz may have died at the end of Season 8, but fans are still holding on strong to "The Blacklist" due to its standout star. James Spader continues to be a fan favorite. However, there may be rough waters ahead for fans. After a myriad of time slot changes, "The Blacklist" will officially move to Sunday nights at 8 p.m. EST when the series returns (via CinemaBlend). And although this isn't necessarily a death sentence, it poses a significant problem.

"CBS has established shows on Sunday night. They are going to get '[The Black List]' and 'Magnum [P.I.]' destroyed," posted @FageLfage. Fellow fan @kstorma1 noted that "The Equalizer" could also be a rival if they go against each other at the same time. In the world of streaming, television is now more competitive than ever. But Spader makes "The Blacklist" a true standout, and that's what makes fans so concerned about losing the series.

If their handle is any indication, @SpaderLoverGirl is the wariest about losing the national treasure: "I'm literally going to cry. With it being Sunday night it makes me feel like they're gonna kill the ratings to get it canceled and then we won't see James in anything for a long while til he needs to work for $ again and I'm going to die [of] deprivation."