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Magic Mike Fans Can't Help But Notice The Step Up Vibes In The Trailer For Magic Mike's Last Dance

Get your dollar bills ready, because we're getting a third and final "Magic Mike" movie: "Magic Mike's Last Dance." First reported by Deadline back in 2021, star Channing Tatum and director Steven Soderbergh are returning to round out the sexy trilogy. 

Warner Bros. dropped the trailer for "Magic Mike's Last Dance" yesterday, giving fans a look at what to expect in the upcoming threequel. Following the events of "Magic Mike XXL," Mike (Tatum) has moved to Miami to continue his career as a stripper and is working as a bartender to make ends meet. He meets Salma Hayek's character, who convinces him to travel to London with her, planning a large-scale show that showcases Mike's true talents. From the trailer, fans get a good look at the event that Mike puts together, and it looks like a large, choreographed show filled with dancing and stripping.

Previous movies in the "Magic Mike" trilogy put the stripping front and center, as expected. "Magic Mike's Last Dance" looks to be taking a slightly different approach, featuring a lot of dancing. As a result, many fans are drawing comparisons to another film starring Channing Tatum, "Step Up." 

Channing Tatum brings the Step Up dancing to Magic Mike

As mentioned above, the trailer for "Magic Mike's Last Dance" heavily features dancing, as opposed to the trilogy's usual strip dancing. Of course, that could be because Warner Bros. made the trailer for audiences of all ages to watch. The studio could be saving the hot action for when the movie hits theaters on Valentine's Day, but that didn't stop fans from making drawing comparisons to "Step Up."

The YouTube comments underneath the trailer pointed out how much "Magic Mike's Last Dance" looks like "Step Up," another film franchise made famous by Channing Tatum. One user, Mr. Midnight, said "Feels like 'Step Up/Magic Mike.' Good to see Channing showing us how talented he is on his feet." AC Wolf suggested, "[Last Dance] feels more like 'Step Up' than 'Magic Mike' ... anyone else?" Telepek Telepkowy had a slightly more aggressive take, saying, "So, 'Step Up.' You're turning this into another 'Step Up' installment. Not the direction I thought this would go, but okay, I guess."

During an interview with People, Tatum revealed his goals for the upcoming movie. The actor, who recently returned to the industry, told the magazine, "I want [Magic Mike's Last Dance] to be the Super Bowl of stripping." Tatum revealed that he wanted the movie to focus more on the dancing, something he couldn't include in the previous installments. Judging by the trailer, he definitely got his wish.

"Magic Mike's Last Dance" hits theaters on February 10, 2023.