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The Searching Franchise Continues With An Eerie Trailer For Missing

In 2018, the horror mystery "Searching" hit theaters. Starring John Cho as David, a distraught father facing the reality that his daughter has gone missing and could potentially be dead, "Searching" played on every parent's worst nightmare. Nothing is more terrifying than the idea of losing a child, especially in such a horrific and uncertain way. Losing a child is bad enough, but never actually having an answer for what happened to them is even worse. For the majority of the film, it seemed like David would never find his daughter, but after a plot twist that left audiences reeling, she was fortunately found alive.

Since then, nothing has really been seen from this film or the potential for a sequel. At least, that held true until a new trailer dropped on November 16 for a film called "Missing." Slated to hit theaters on January 20, 2023, "Missing" is right around the corner and it's already accumulating quite a lot of buzz.

The Missing trailer flips the script

While "Searching" was about a father desperately trying to locate his missing daughter, "Missing" decided to reverse that entirely. Following what appears to be a teenage girl by the name of June, the movie explores what happens when a parent goes away for a weekend trip and never comes home. June's mother leaves for Colombia with a man who calls himself Kevin, a presumed boyfriend. While her mother's away, she does the stereotypical teenage thing and parties, enjoying her momentary freedom.

However, when she goes to retrieve her mom from the airport when she's due back, she never shows. Not answering any of June's calls or texts, it becomes apparent very quickly that her mother never actually got on her returning flight. Because the woman went missing in Colombia, however, it becomes a lot more complicated actually to launch an investigation for her. Restricted by jurisdiction, the police claim they can only do so much, leaving June to figure out what happened to her mother herself.

During her investigation, she comes across the possibility that Kevin is not who he said he was and might be behind her mother's disappearance. Her mother's identity is also called into question, adding layers of intriguing mystery to the plot.

The trailer highlights a lot of technology involved, both as a way for June to search for her missing mother as well as a way to film and tell the story. Much of the movie seems to be filmed through FaceTime and other forms of video calling and recording.