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The Recruit's First Trailer Shows Noah Centineo As A White Claw-Pounding CIA Lawyer

Working at the CIA is probably a high-stakes job that requires all sorts of certifications, degrees, clearances, and an impeccable record worthy of the world's deepest and darkest secrets. Of course, these days, everybody's feeling a bit of a crunch when it comes to hiring, and many places may have to settle for a less-than-ideal candidate. However, that sort of decision probably makes for a good basis for a television show featuring plenty of black comedy and spies.

"The Recruit" is an upcoming Netflix show that follows Owen Hendricks (Noah Centineo). As a young CIA lawyer, he isn't quite a full-blown agent, but he is still required to put himself in very dangerous situations. Created by Alexi Hawley of "The Rookie" fame, "The Recruit" aims to be a spy thriller that isn't afraid of humorous moments. As reported by TV Insider, Hawley said of this new show, "'The Recruit' enters the world of espionage through fresh eyes — Owen Hendricks — a twenty-four year old, fresh out of law school, who doesn't even have time to figure out where the bathrooms are before he's pulled into a high-stakes case. None of us can realistically dream of being James Bond, but all of us have had a first job — with co-workers we can't trust, and agendas we don't understand. Only at the CIA, those hidden agendas can get you killed." It seems, though, that the new trailer for "The Recruit" effectively highlights what viewers may come to expect from the show.

The trailer for The Recruit promises a different kind of spy thriller

The above trailer for "The Recruit" starts with Noah Centineo's Owen Hendricks being overtly nervous in a CIA office, which is highlighted by his fidgeting and air drumming. Hendricks is then called into the office of Walter Nyland (Vondie Curtis-Hall of "Daredevil" renown), where Hendricks continues his general nervousness as he rapidly talks. Hendricks is then seen having a bunch of boxes placed on his desk, and once he asks about what they are, he is told that they are letters threatening to disclose confidential information, and it is up to him to sort through the massive mess.

Then the trailer has Hendricks go to a prison to meet one of the people who had penned one of the letters, as well as several scenes with him kissing different people. The next moment has Hendricks fleeing from two individuals, and he attempts to hide inside a storage locker, only to be told by one of his pursuers that bullets can go through that flimsy metal door. As the trailer progresses, Hendricks becomes increasingly overwhelmed, though he seems to be handling all of these moments in stride, even making jokes when he appears to be kidnapped. Of course, one of the most prolific moments in the trailer for "The Recruit" is when Hendricks is offered a martini, to which he replies and says that he would rather have a White Claw, which makes fun of a certain super spy's drink of choice. Either way, "The Recruit" isn't going to be your standard issue spy thriller.