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Who Plays Clara Brewer On Yellowstone?

Warning: Spoilers for "Yellowstone" Season 5, Episodes 1 and 2

Paramount Network's smash hit neo-Western saga "Yellowstone" is officially back. And fans who've already saddled up for the first two episodes of the series' fifth season can confirm Taylor Sheridan and company have come out bucking a little harder than usual. Some might even argue the "Yellowstone" team has returned with two of the more bruising episodes the series has yet aired.

That was, of course, particularly true for Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille), whose relationship continues to be tested by a seemingly endless string of tragedies. But it's just as true for John Dutton (Kevin Costner) who, despite having seized control of Montana's government by claiming the Governor's office, is still squaring off for his fiercest fight yet as he seeks to hold off the nefarious Caroline Warner (Jackie Weaver) and her Market Equities crew.

As governor, John naturally has quite a bit more on his plate than merely protecting his family's ranching lands. To help him keep on task, he brought in a fresh-faced assistant by the name of Clara Brewer. And though she's still early in her run on the series, Clara could be a major player in the coming narrative. Here's who plays the new character in Season 5 of "Yellowstone."

Lilli Kay is one of the may rising stars in the Yellowstone cast

The actor who portrays Clara Brewer on "Yellowstone" is Lilli Kay. Judging from Kay's recent Instagram post, she's more than happy to have joined the hit series' esteemed ensemble. Per her already impressive IMDb resume, Kay's name is one worth getting to know now as you'll likely be hearing it a lot in the future. Sharing significant screen time with an actor of Kevin Costner's esteem can only be beneficial to both Kay's craft and career.

Costner is not the first Hollywood player Lilli Kay has shared the screen with, however. The actor's first screen credit actually came in a 2018 bio-drama starring none other than Al Pacino. That film was HBO's "Paterno," which found Pacino portraying the former Penn State football coach as he navigates the horrifying scandal that ended his career. Kay portrayed a teen named Dori in a minor supporting role. The actor followed that appearance with a one-off gig in CBS's Tea Leoni-led political drama "Madame Secretary."

Kay made her streaming debut in 2019 opposite Uma Thurman, Lili Taylor, and Tony Goldwyn in the short-lived horror drama "Chambers." Along with her "Yellowstone" gig, Kay is also currently portraying Sofia Baxter, the daughter of a mob boss in Showtime's hit drama "Your Honor," which also stars Bryan Cranston, Hope Davis, and Michael Stuhlbarg. With high-profile projects like the Obamas-produced film "Rustin" in the pipeline, "Yellowstone" will surely serve as another solid stepping stone for Kay's career.