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Anna Gunn Seeks Revenge In The Trailer For The Apology

It hardly seems like it, but almost a full decade has passed since AMC's iconic crime drama "Breaking Bad" left the airwaves. Over that span, the series' legacy has only seemed to grow, with much of its cast going on to bigger things in both film and television. Shockingly that doesn't entirely include Anna Gunn, who won a pair of Primetime Emmy Awards (per IMDb) for her portrayal of Skylar White on "Breaking Bad." Yes, the actor has kept herself more than busy over the years, but she's yet to find quite the same sort of lightning-rod success.

That egregious wrong may soon be righted as Gunn is set to release a fascinating new thriller that will put her formidable talents front and center. The new film is titled "The Apology" and finds Gunn playing Darlene Hagen, a mother still grieving the loss of her young daughter 20 years after the girl went missing. On the eve of her family's annual Christmas celebration, Darlene is surprised by the arrival of her estranged ex-brother-in-law Jack Kingsley (Linus Roache), who may or may not have info about the disappearance.

From there, "The Apology" promises a pulse-pounding battle of vengeful wits and wills as emotionally brutal as it likely will be bloody. At least that's the terrifying picture the film's first official trailer paints.  

The Apology looks to be a ferocious new holiday-tinged thriller

Anna Gunn is the clear star of the show in the first trailer for "The Apology." From the looks of things, she's likely to be in nearly every frame of the film. And from what we see in the trailer, the actor is in tour-de-force mode delivering a raw, emotionally explosive performance as the tormented mother at the center of the story.

Backed by a haunting score, we first see her character Darlene Hagen living in relative isolation as an icy winter storm brews outside her home. We soon discover it is indeed the 20-year anniversary of her daughter's disappearance, which only builds on the already simmering tension. Darlene works away in the kitchen as her friend Gretchen Sullivan (Janeane Garofalo) ponders why news outlets call it an anniversary as if the disappearance is something to celebrate. Glimpses of the holiday season setting are teased, as is Darlene's alcohol addiction and the ominous arrival of Jack Kingsley (Linus Roache), who bluntly asks his former in-law, "After all this time, what do you need to help you feel whole again?"

The answer to that question is answered with heartbreaking resolve. And it prompts Jack to follow up his initial query by asking what Darlene would do if she found out who had taken her child. As the storm worsens, mind games ensue, guns come into play, and the table is set to serve a bone-chilling tale of revenge. Find out how it all shakes out when "The Apology" hits theaters and AMC+ on December 16, 2022. 

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