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The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague - What We Know So Far

The romantic comedy anime genre is often flexible, with certain shows or films bringing in other genres such as fantasy or slice-of-life. Sometimes this infusion of themes is directed at a teenage audience, such as "Romantic Killer" or "Horimiya." Still, there are other instances where the rom-com genre focuses on adults and more mature themes such as "Yuri on Ice" or "Spice and Wolf." In this classification, the workplace stories that explore everyday situations and characters navigating a routine provide fans of Japanese animation a chance to live vicariously through relatable characters.

Romantic comedy fans will soon have the opportunity to delve into a workplace rom-com with fantasy elements in "The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague." The series will be based on the manga of the same name and is set to debut in 2023 following the release of the sixth volume of its book series (via Anime News Network). Here is everything we know so far about the upcoming program, including its release date, plot, and a breakdown of its promo trailer.

What is the release date of The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague?

Crunchyroll is preparing for a busy January 2023 with the release of the new show "Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World" in addition to its normal monthly drop of new seasons and other premieres. The streamer will also host the international streaming debut of "The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague" on January 4, 2023, at 8:30 AM ET (per Crunchyroll). It is not yet certain how many episodes the first season will contain, but the director Mankyuu commented "In this work, we will draw such a sense of distance between the two [lead characters Himuro-kun and Fuyutsuki-san] throughout the four seasons," when describing the show to Comic Natalie in June 2022

With four installments planned, it can be assumed that the anime will likely adapt the first four collections of the manga at the very least. But Mankyuu and the program's writers may also condense volumes five and six into the wider story as opposed to one volume per corresponding season. Like most premieres on Crunchyroll that coincide with a Japanese release, "The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague" will probably follow a weekly episode release format.

What is the plot of The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague?

The "Ice Attribute Boy and Cool Colleague Girl" manga series is written and illustrated by Miyuki Tonogaya, and the first volume premiered in the summer of 2019. Its animated adaptation "The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague" is expected to follow the storyline of the comic strip books by focusing on Himuro-kun, a young office worker who descends from a mythical snowwoman from Japanese mythology (via Crunchyroll). If he concentrates hard enough, Himuro-kun can summon a blast of arctic air and create snowmen when his emotions run deep.

The lead character begins to develop feelings for his co-worker Fuyutsuki-san despite living a fairly lonesome existence with his pet cat. Fuyutsuki-san stirs many emotions within Himuro-kun, which leads to unexpected ice storms inside their place of employment, in addition to numerous comedic moments throughout the series. The show is likely to appeal to fans of both rom-coms and fantasy Japanese animation since it will include elements of both. Although not a harem anime like "Rent-A-Girlfriend," the series certainly sounds like a romantic comedy for adults as opposed to adolescents. 

Who is starring in The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague?

"The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague" will have two primary lead roles, with Himuro-kun and Fuyutsuki-san being voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi and Yui Ishikawa respectively. Speaking to Comic Natalie about his role, Kobayashi said, "Fans of the original work, as well as those who touched this work from the anime, will surely be writhing at Mr. Fuyutsuki's cuteness and make the same tsukkomi as Himuro. It's a very cute and unique story, so let's watch over the future of the two together. Thank you!"

Ishikawa told the same publication, "It's frustratingly little by little, but the relationship between the two [Himuro-kun and Fuyutsuki-san] is adorable, and it's a work that makes you smile! Please look forward to the broadcast!" In August 2022, it was also revealed by Otaku USA Magazine that Yumi Uchiyama and Koki Uchiyama will provide the voices of Komori and Saejima respectively. The two characters are co-workers and acquaintances of the two lead characters, and both Komori and Saejima have feelings for one another as well, though in a supporting capacity.

Is there a trailer for The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague?

Along with the announcement of "The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague's" January 4, 2023 release date, a trailer was also provided that sets the tone for what to expect. The clip opens with Fuyutsuki-san offering Himuro-kun a gift that he seems to be surprised to receive. We also see his pet cat before the song "Joyride" by Takao Sakuma starts playing, then quick cuts from the series and various interactions between the two lead characters play out in the trailer. After receiving Fuyutsuki's gift, a snowstorm stemming from Himuro's strong emotional reaction is also shown blowing through the office.

No other context from the series has been provided, as there are no other characters shown apart from the two main cast members. If the show remains faithful to its source material, viewers can expect a romance between Himuro and Fuyutsuki that builds over time, since it will take Himuro some time to open up to his true feelings thanks to the humorous and freezing mess his emotions can cause those around him when he is happy. Himuro-kun's chilly mystical powers, along with the program's heartwarming romantic themes, should provide a perfect combination for rom-com fans throughout the winter of 2023.