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First Teaser For Legion Season 2 Digs Deep Into Your Head

It's time to rethink everything you think you know about Legion.

FX's weird, wild, technically-X-Men-but-wow-this-is-crazy series is coming back for a second season after a triumphantly bizarre first go-around on the network, and you can watch the avant-garde first teaser for the new season now.

The series, created by Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley, focuses on the immensely powerful but unfortunately insane telekinetic mutant David Haller, aka Legion, as he attempts to root out the horrifying forces that are trying to take control of his powerful mind. Those forces, in the first season, often took the form of Aubrey Plaza as Lenny, an old friend of Haller's used as a mask by the villainous Shadow King.

In the new teaser, the Shadow King herself sits down for a psychiatric session with you, the viewer, doing her level best to convince you that whatever you think you saw happen in the first season didn't happen. (Please note that it did happen, and it was awesome. Do not trust the Shadow King.)

The teaser provides only the very briefest of shots from the second season of Legion, but from the looks of things — and the tone of the teaser — the character's second go-around on FX is likely to be just as mindbendingly unique as the first. We can't wait. 

In other X-Men-adjacent news, Legion creator Hawley is reportedly still at work on a Doctor Doom movie, so everyone that's seen the daring, formalist experiments he's put forth in Legion season one (or Fargo, for that matter) should be crossing their fingers to the breaking point that that thing actually gets made. 

Luckily, for now, we know that Legion season two is definitely coming, and we can only hope it'll bore as deeply into our minds as the first season managed to do, against all odds. 

Legion returns to FX on April 3.