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Tulsa King Has Fans Hooked On The Show After Just One Episode

Taylor Sheridan's "Tulsa King" follows the story of lifelong criminal Dwight Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone), a caporegime in the New York Mafia who is released from prison after 25 years and picks up his life as a career criminal without missing a beat. No sooner is Dwight — nicknamed "The General" — out of prison than his superiors within the Mafia send him on a mission to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they instruct him to build a criminal empire from scratch.

From there, the series follows the eponymous Tulsa King as he establishes his new criminal operation, bullying some local shop owners and searching the city for new recruits to add to his budding empire. Indeed, the very first episode of "Tulsa King" ends with Dwight proudly looking out across the city skyline, and declaring that Tulsa now belongs to him. Dwight's talents for violence and intimidation are on full display throughout this inaugural episode, and its grim ending seems to promise that Dwight's conquest of the city has only just begun.

Although we've seen only a brief glimpse of what Dwight Manfredi is capable of, it's clear that this thrilling pilot has hooked plenty of viewers after just one episode. Fans on social media cannot stop raving about "Tulsa King."

Fans are already saying that Tulsa King is Stallone's best project in years

Following the premiere of "Tulsa King" on Sunday, November 13th, fans took to social media to express how the show had already hooked them after just one episode, and how they are extremely excited for the release of Episode 2. "Watched the first episode last night and can already tell #TulsaKing is going to be my favorite thing on tv!" asserted @battyquirky on Twitter. "Can't wait till the next episode," @Millie60046675 wrote, praising the script and plot twists within the pilot.

Many viewers specifically directed their praise towards the engrossing performance of Sylvester Stallone himself, with many claiming that "Tulsa King" is perhaps his best work in years. "I am all in on #TulsaKing," tweeted @Howsito. "This is Sly like we've never seen him before. After one epi I already know this show is going to be a hit."

Considering the talent we've seen from Sylvester Stallone over his long, storied career — which extends behind the scenes as well, as he has also flexed his writing skills while working on "Tulsa King" – this is certainly high praise indeed. If the fan hype is justified, perhaps Dwight Manfredi will indeed go down as one of Stallone's most impressive roles to date — though for now, we'll have to wait and see if the fan buzz surrounding "Tulsa King" continues with the release of Episode 2.