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Yellowstone Fans Are Sick And Tired Of Beth And Jamie's Never-Ending Blackmail

Sibling rivalry is never as vicious as it is on Paramount's "Yellowstone." Created by Taylor Sheridan of "Sicario" fame, the series delves into the ranch-owning Dutton dynasty and all the conflicts that come along with it. Patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is a gruff father whose parenting style leads his kids to fight like cats and dogs. Not that they don't have any reason not to. Jamie's (Wes Bentley) role in Beth's (Kelly Reilly) forced sterilization is at the crux of why she resents her brother. Jamie, on the other hand, always felt like an outsider. Not a Dutton by blood, the son with political aspirations was adopted from the violent Garrett Randall (Will Patton). Jamie eventually seeks out his birth father, only for it to end in bloodshed.

Beth holds Jamie's murder of his father over his head and blackmails him into not betraying the family. Though this isn't something that you should need to blackmail a family member for, it is just one in a long list of ways that Beth and Jamie continue to be at odds. Bentley himself has admitted that a showdown between the siblings is inevitable. But for fans, it can't come fast enough. At some point, this repetitive cycle of blackmail has to stop.

Someone needs to cut Jamie a break

No member of the Dutton family can claim to be perfect. Every single one of them has been compromised ethically at one time or another. But when it comes to Beth and Jamie, it's personal. That is the way with siblings, and these cutthroat ranchers are no different. But despite the personal vendettas they have with each other, fans on Reddit have sounded off about how tedious the plot has become.

"I am burned out on the Beth / Jamie saga," confessed u/Jase-1125. "It is overplayed and tired. It is the one thing that makes me tempted to skip it." The bitter rivalry between the two characters has been a recurring theme for the series, but many fans have said enough is enough. Some even want the two to team up, but Jamie's short-sidedness may make that impossible.

"Unfortunately the way they've written Jamie to this point, he doesn't have the spine or the smarts to keep up with Beth so I don't see how they could ever team up," posted u/L0st-137. "She is always one step ahead of him and if he does step out of line she'll tell Rip what he did and it's bye bye Jamie." Though the vitriol for this storyline doesn't come close to the frustration directed at poor Monica in "Yellowstone," it seems like it's headed in only one direction.