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Did Stargirl Just Hint At Another Batman In The Arrowverse?

"Stargirl" is wrapping up its third and final season, and we're sad to see the show go. It made its debut on the short-lived streaming service DC Universe before making its way over to The CW following the success of Season 1. Season 2 proved to be another success for "Stargirl," earning it an early Season 3 renewal, with HBO Max co-financing the series with The CW. Unfortunately, following Nexstar Media Group's purchase of the network, the new owners decided not to renew "Stargirl" and many other shows, marking the end of the series. 

"Stargirl" was a surprise beacon of light in The CW's ever-growing lineup of shows based on DC Comics characters. The series took a risk, focusing on lesser-known heroes like Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., Hourman, and the Justice Society of America (the group also recently featured in "Black Adam.") 

Shows like "Stargirl" and "Titans," both funded by HBO Max, technically coexist within the Arrowverse. Neither show ever really crossed over with The CW shows, but a recent Twitter post from "Stargirl" star Brec Bassinger teases an upcoming crossover between the two shows.

Since filming on Season 3 of "Stargirl" has already finished, this crossover will likely occur sometime in "Titans" Season 4. The CW's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event revealed that "Stargirl" takes place on Earth-2, while "Titans" is on Earth-9. However, the newest episode of "Stargirl" may have shown that the two Earths feature the same superhero, teasing yet another Batman for the Arrowverse.

The Arrowverse teases yet another Batman

Warning: Spoilers for "Stargirl" Season 3 below

Batman references and the Arrowverse practically go hand-in-hand, dating back to some of the earliest days of The CW's DC universe. Fans can officially add "Stargirl" to the list of CW shows to reference the Caped Crusader while never actually showing him on-screen.

In "Stargirl" Season 3, Episode 10, "Chapter Ten: The Killer," as Mike Dugan, Jakeem Williams, and the Thunderbolt escape from the Ultra-Humanite's hideout, Thunderbolt makes a surprising reference to The Dark Knight. After Shiv frees the trio from one of her traps, she disappears quickly. Shiv's vanishing act prompts Thunderbolt to compare her to Batman, famous for disappearing mid-conversation. Thunderbolt's reference to Batman doesn't seem to surprise either Mike or Jakeem, suggesting that some version of the hero exists on the Arrowverse's Earth-2.

The connection to Batman in "Stargirl" adds to the already long list of teases featured throughout the Arrowverse, joining "Arrow," "The Flash," "Supergirl," and "Legends of Tomorrow" in referencing either Bruce Wayne or his superhero alter ego.

While many Arrowverse shows have referenced Batman, he never really appeared as a significant character, outside of the legendary Kevin Conroy's portrayal in "Crisis on Infinite Earths." "Arrow" star Stephen Amell once spoke about the trouble getting even the slightest Bruce Wayne reference on the show, saying he had to run it by the former heads of both Warner Bros. and DC before the series could include it (via TV Line).

Chances are, "Stargirl" won't have a Batman appearance, but the existence of the hero on Earth-2 could be further referenced when the show eventually crosses over with "Titans."