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The Yellowstone Theory About Jamie's Birth Mother Would Complicate Things Even More

Being an ambitious lawyer with political aspirations may impress many families, as long as it's not the Duttons on "Yellowstone." This is Jamie Dutton's (Wes Bentley) lot in life when he is adopted by the multi-generational ranch-owning family. Led by patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the values of the family gear more towards the rustic day-to-day trials of being a ranch owner rather than Jamie's corporate lifestyle. There is no question why Jamie feels like such an outsider.

As a result of being ostracized by his family, he has certainly acted out a time or two. His crimes against Beth seem to be leading to an inevitable showdown with his adoptive sister. He has even strayed away from the family, searching for his birth father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton), who tries to convince him to turn against the Duttons. But this just highlights what a lost soul Jamie is. And as if his life isn't tragic enough, now fans on Reddit are even theorizing what the next bombshell will be for the forgotten son. As the story behind his birth mother has been a guarded secret, many have some inventive ideas about the truth of Jamie's maternity.

Fans think that John is pulling a Ned Stark

Surprise parents and long-guarded secrets are tropes often found on television. Everyone remembers Jon Snow's (Kit Harington) "Game of Thrones" reveal that he was Ned Stark's (Sean Bean) nephew, not his bastard son as he first thought. U/Matthmil hypothesized the story behind Jamie's mother is similar and that his birth mother is quite possibly a Dutton herself.

"John also told Jamie that he begged Jamie's birth mother not to marry Garrett Randall because John knew what kind of man Garrett was. John Dutton clearly was close to Jamie's birth mother well before Jamie was born," the Redditor explained. "We also don't know Jamie's mother's maiden name. I propose that Jamie's mother's maiden name was Dutton. Phyllis Mary Randall was Phyllis Mary Dutton, John's sister." The poster goes on to back up this theory with many interesting supporting elements. John's resentment of Jamie could come from bitterness that Jamie's father took away his sister from the ranch, which ultimately killed her. U/Matthmil also pointed out that naming Jamie after the family founder could indicate he comes from the Dutton dynasty through blood. Other fans were quick to agree with this thought-out theory.

"Love this narrative," replied u/haroldhecuba88. "Strong theory and great insight. That's all I can say. You covered everything." Though some fans had follow-up thoughts, no one can deny that this would be information that would blow up Jamie's life.