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Chicago PD Fans Are Growing Increasingly Worried For Hailey In Season 10

Some workplace hookups on TV, as in real life, just have disaster written all over them in big, red letters from the first meet-cute to the final delamination. But after some initial turbulence, the romantic combo of "Upstead" on "Chicago P.D." appeared to have everything going for it, at least until the startling revelations about the two in Season 10. The truth is, detectives Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) seem to basically be made for each other. While they clearly have their differences, those are outweighed by their similarities. Both are on the same page in having their law enforcement priorities in the right place and their moral compasses pointing in the right direction.

So, when Halstead summarily announces that he's bailing on Hailey and the CPD and Chicago to rejoin the military, the decision hits Hailey and Chi-Hard fans of the One Chicago franchise with the same wrenching impact. Shattered by Jay's departure, Hailey plunges into a no-sleep, java-and-adrenaline-fueled on-duty marathon of activity just to blot out her grief and sadness. And with she and Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) recently embarking on a secretive, high-risk mission to take down human trafficker Sean O'Neal (Jefferson White), Hailey Upton's ragged physical and mental state has some fans wondering if she's on the verge of losing it entirely.

Fans are concerned Hailey is simply too exhausted and out of it to do her job

In the Season 10 "Chicago P.D." episode "Pink Mist," Hailey Upton stumbles onto evidence that Sean O'Neal is part of an ongoing criminal enterprise that's trafficking young girls into the sex trade. But since Sean's the son of CPD chief Patty O'Neal (Michael Gaston), she and Voight have to ensure their evidence is totally bullet-proof before making their move. And the fact that Hailey is dangerously sleep-deprived and distracted during such a critical case has fans anxious about their fave detective.

In Season 10's "Into the Deep" episode, Hailey reveals she hasn't spent a night in bed for quite a while. Picking up on this, series fan @haileyhalstead theorized on Twitter, "This just makes me think she hasn't slept in her own bed since Jay left and has been sleeping on the couch, because the bed feels too empty without him in it." Meanwhile, on the show's subreddit, user u/WereMadeOfStars said Upton's erratic behavior led them to feel that "Hailey is a Zombie. Always awake and in three places at once." The same "Chicago P.D." buff expanded on their comment to joke that "Hailey is straight up doing Cold Brew through an IV right now...," prompting Redditor u/Elsielilyy to agree that caffeine was the only thing keeping Hailey on her feet, saying, "She is literally. Sleep nah iv coffee is good."