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AHS: NYC Fans Are Worried That There Are Too Many Unanswered Questions Going Into Next Week's Finale

So far, "American Horror Story: NYC" has been a pretty wild ride. People in the LGBTQIA+ community of New York City (and surrounding areas) are getting sick and dropping like flies due to mysterious illnesses. A large, strong, threatening man in a leather mask is on a killing spree and nobody can seem to stop him. Many of the deaths seem to be happening in impossible ways, whether from disease, homicide, or something in between. And there are only two episodes left for the show to wrap up all the loose ends.

As @laurbrank accurately points out on Twitter, "Season finale? Already? But there's like 3 stories that need to finish." Well, at least three. Possibly more, depending on who you ask. Viewers have less than a week before the debut of the final episodes, and the speculation is more intense than ever as fans desperately grasp for answers during their unsettling wait.

The biggest unanswered question of all is: what's the deal with Big Daddy?!

Several users on Twitter have been suggesting for weeks (including verified user @TheBGates) the leather-clad murderer "Big Daddy" might not actually be real. "I don't understand Big Daddy's deal. Is he a ghost? Is he real? Why are some people just getting attacked and others are killed... and some are just threatened with his physical presence? What is his end game?" he writes, attaching a head-scratching GIF to the tweet. Our previous coverage of Season 11 explored the possibility that both Big Daddy and the sick deer on Fire Island could be metaphors for the HIV/AIDS epidemic that hit the queer community hard during that time, and fans like /u/InfiniteDress on Reddit are wondering the same.

The fact that so much is still unresolved is giving some fans memories — or perhaps unpleasant flashbacks — of the previous season. On Twitter, @avoidmiles shared their worry that if all the unanswered questions don't get wrapped up in the final two episodes, it could end up on the same level as Death Valley (the second half of Season 10 with the aliens). In a similar vein, @finalboyz is also worried that the ending will be rushed, and directly references Red Tide (the first half of Season 10 with the black pill vampires), the mid-season finale which many "American Horror Story" fans hated because of its abruptness.