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Grey's Anatomy Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Post-It Notes In Season 19, Episode 6

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) might be leaving "Grey's Anatomy" to embark on a new adventure in Boston. However, the creators of the ABC medical drama are ensuring that the fan-favorite character's exit will be as dramatic and emotional as possible. Of course, characters being dragged through the proverbial wringer is the lifeblood that fuels "Grey's Anatomy," so Meredith's conundrums are a shock to no one who's familiar with the series.

Season 19, Episode 6 saw Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital's interim chief of surgery contend with relationship drama while trying to attend to patients. And to make matters worse, she was interrupted during surgery and told that her house was burning down. On the plus side, she doesn't have to worry about paying movers to take her stuff to Boston.

For most "Grey's Anatomy" fans, an unexpected disaster occurring during a midseason finale is as common as surgeons rocking white coats and blue scrubs. That said, the latest episode had fans feeling extra emotional as Meredith's house contained the romantic post-it notes that she and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) wrote for each other prior to their wedding.

The post-it note made fans emotional

There are certain couples that "Grey's Anatomy" fans can't stand, but Meredith and Derek aren't one of them. In fact, their love story is regarded as the most epic romance to ever grace the series. Furthermore, the vows they wrote on their post-it notes are symbolic of their journey. As such, many viewers were emotional when the post-its appeared in Season 19, Episode 6 — and some of them freaked out when they thought the vows were in danger of burning.

"I haven't cried watching a current episode of Grey's in a while...but they really got me with the post-it tonight," rag_swag revealed on Twitter following the emotional episode.

"I'm glad they saved the post-it but dammit," u/leftplot wrote on the "Grey's Anatomy" subreddit. "The house burning down is hurting me way more than certain deaths on this show. why would they do this? just cause Meredith wants to leave doesn't mean they have to burn everything down?????"

Other fans, such as Twitter user @dreamymerd, noted that the final scenes in Episode 7 were emotional as they represented the end of an era, and the note is the only keepsake Meredith has from her most important relationship. "It's the way Meredith Grey is hugging the post-it note, knowing this is the last physical item she has left of her & Derek Shepherd, because the ferry boat scrub cap, the tumor on the wall & the stupid warm fuzzy blanket is all inside the home."