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Danielle Colby Explains The Roller Coaster That Is Working With Mike Wolfe On American Pickers

History can live on in many forms, from writing to word of mouth. Although, one of the forms some people tend to overlook is physical objects, which can tell all kinds of stories in their own way. They're examples of innovation and how humanity has evolved its tools over time. They're time capsules from a different era, revealing to modern observers what kinds of materials and forms of craftmanship were used to make this object a reality. Of course, for as much as these items can teach us, as the "American Pickers" team has shown, they can also make us some cash.

Since 2010, the "American Pickers" crew has gone above and beyond to find value in all that's rusty, broken down, and dingy. From storage units to living rooms, the show's hosts have unearthed treasures of all shapes and sizes from decades ago, offering sellers cash for their wares and pairing these trinkets with eager collectors. Mike Wolfe — once alongside his business partner Frank Fritz — is the driving force behind the program and many of Antique Archaeology's purchases. As it turns out, though, working with him in any capacity is far from mundane.

According to "American Pickers" star Danielle Colby, working with Mike Wolfe is an absolute roller coaster ride. Here's why.

Colby describes her friendship with Wolfe as 'happily dysfunctional'

As Danielle Colby explained in an interview with Freshly Inked, working with Mike Wolfe has its ups and downs. "Some days you're really excited to see each other, some days you gossip, some days you don't want to talk to each other, some days you can't live without each other, some days they have to bail me out and hold it over my head for a few days," she said, describing their overall dynamic as "happily dysfunctional." She adds that no matter how strained things get or how frustrated they may be with one another, it never lasts, and their mutual love and appreciation always prevails.

Of course, this is just Colby's interpretation of their connection. What does Wolfe himself think of his bond with his "American Pickers" co-star and real-life friend? Well, he's made it abundantly clear that he cares a lot about her and that without her, "Pickers" may not have become the success that it has. "The structure is based on her... where she sends us, the struggle of what's going on back at the shop, and her calling to say she just got something appraised," Wolfe told Script Magazine in a 2013 interview, mentioning that History wasn't initially sold on her, but the powers that be eventually saw in her what Wolfe does.

All these years later, Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby remain key components of the "American Pickers" formula. Things may not always be sunshine and rainbows between them behind-the-scenes, but they've yet to meet an obstacle they can't overcome together.