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John Wick 4's Rina Sawayama Is Fully Confident That This Is The Best John Wick Film Yet

At three films strong and a fourth on the way, the "John Wick" franchise has expectations for the upcoming "John Wick 4" sky high. You can't know for sure whether the four-quel will live up to the standard of the first three movies until the end credits roll in the theater, but there is one person vouching for "John Wick 4," even going so far as to say that it's the best "John Wick" movie that anyone has ever seen.

That person is musician Rina Sawayama, who, it should be noted, does have a role in the hotly anticipated film. So you can take her critical take on the movie itself with a grain of salt. But for "John Wick" fans, the hype could be enough to increase excitement levels for the time being, especially since Sawayama's enthusiasm seems to rise above the usual professional promotional obligations that the cast and crew of a major film release are subject to.

She's extremely enthusiastic about the scope of the upcoming fourth John Wick installment

The rave review comes from an interview between Rina Sawayama, who's playing a character named Akira in "John Wick 4," and NME. Not only did she call the movie "amazing," but has some strong words of praise for the film's standing compared to the previous three movies. She said she's "So excited for people to see it in the cinema, because it's definitely, 100 percent the best 'John Wick' that's ever been." And before you write this off as simply an actor promoting a movie, she added: "I'm not being biased, like honestly, the scale is insane this time."

It's not unusual for film franchises to crank up the scale for each successive installment, and if "John Wick 4" represents a proportional upping of the ante compared to what we've seen in the first three movies, Sawayama can be taken at her word. But fans will have to wait until March 23, 2023 to see John Wick (Keanu Reeves, who fans regret turned down a role in another action sequel earlier in his career) mow down a few more metric tons of bad guys and rival assassins to find out for themselves if she's right about it being the best of the bunch.