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Millie Bobby Brown Didn't Like Eating Waffles On Stranger Things

Since it debuted back in the Summer of 2016, Netflix's harrowing sci-fi saga "Stranger Things" has checked virtually every box a series needs to be qualified as a legit all-time hit. That includes earning more streaming minutes than nearly any original program in the streamer's history (via Variety), earning the adoration of both fans and critics, making stars of its entire cast, and bringing home a whopping 12 Emmy awards to boot. It also remains at the forefront of the pop culture zeitgeist, and likely won't vacate that spot until well after its final season finally drops.

In the early days of its streaming reign, it seems the series was also at least temporarily responsible for a noticeable boost in the sales of Eggo waffles (per CNN Business). That breakfast delicacy was, of course, the meal of choice for Millie Bobby Brown's telepathic hero Eleven after the character escaped from Hawkins Lab in Season 1. And series creatives have kept the waffle motif going in every season of "Stranger Things" since.

That ongoing motif would surely delight any waffle-loving actor on the planet, but it seems it continues these days much to the chagrin of Brown herself. In fact, the "Stranger Things" star recently admitted she's no particular fan of waffles, and really did not enjoy those Eggo-munching scenes very much.

Brown went out of her way to not eat waffles on the set of Stranger Things

We'll give some serious credit where credit is due here, because Millie Bobby Brown really does look like she's enjoying the heck out of the waffles she's noshing on during those "Stranger Things" scenes. Chalk that up to the actor doing some serious character work, because in the course of her recent "Answer's the Web's Most Searched Questions" session for Wired, Brown freely admitted she really does not like waffles. "No, I don't," she stated in response to the waffle web search query.

The actor is, of course, a vegetarian in real life, and recently even started her own chain of vegan skin care products (per Refinery29). Seems, however, dietary choices were not the issue with the waffles Brown ate on the set of "Stranger Things" more than her simply having an aversion to the batter-based dish. So extreme is that aversion she apparently hasn't eaten a single waffle during the show's production. "People think I do [like waffles]," the actor continued, adding, "but actually in 'Stranger Things' I had a little spit bucket next to me and I'd spit into it, because I couldn't swallow the waffles because I'd gag."

Brown goes on to state her favorite food is raw carrots, later quipping, "I'm a rabbit." Given the way the actor feels about her character's signature meal, it's a wonder she was able to power through all those early, Eggo-chomping "Stranger Things" scenes. It's also not surprising that we haven't seen Eleven eating very many waffles in recent seasons.