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Dragon Age: Absolution - What We Know So Far

Netflix is adapting the "Dragon Age" series of games for the new show, "Dragon Age: Absolution." The "Dragon Age" games take place on the fictional continent of Thedas, and follows the Grey Wardens — warriors who face off against the evil Darkspawn, who emerge from their subterranean habitat during an event called "the Blight." The Darkspawn work to awaken an ancient dragon called the Archdemon, which controls all evil beings (via Giant Bomb). The games deal with the political fallout and the rebuilding of the demon-ravaged lands in Thedas. Humans and humanoids must learn to coexist in these lands, and peace is often fraught with battles and hostile takeovers in between. Dark magic, demons, and more come into play in each of the games.

"Dragon Age: Origins," the first game in the series, is one of the best reviewed games of all time — it's no wonder Netflix scooped up the property to make a show. Here is what we know so far about the release of "Dragon Age: Absolution."

When will Dragon Age: Absolution be released?

Netflix's adaptation of the popular "Dragon Age" video games, "Dragon Age: Absolution," will be released to the streaming service on December 9, 2022 in six 30-minute episodes. Based on the series published by Electronic Arts, the "Dragon Age" games were created and developed by BioWare — the company best known for the "Mass Effect" video game series. BioWare is co-producing the new series along with Netflix (via Deadline).

The first game in the series, "Dragon Age: Origins," was released to PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in November 2009. The most recent game in the series, "Dragon Age: Inquisition," was released on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in November of 2014 (via Giant Bomb). According to the IMDb page for the upcoming series, "Dragon Age: Absolution" will run for six episodes, and it's unknown at this time if all six episodes will be released at once, or if it will be a weekly release show.

What is the plot of Dragon Age: Absolution?

Very little is known about the plot of "Dragon Age: Absolution" at this time. This series will be the first television adaptation of the "Dragon Age" IP, and according to Netflix Geeked, is set in the Tevinter Imperium: An ancient human empire from in-game lore that has only ever been mentioned by name in the "Dragon Age" franchise. Exploring the Tevinter Imperium — the oldest of the human nations on the continent of Thedas — will show the interactions of humans, elves, mages, knights, Qunari, Red Templars, and demons from "Dragon Age" history, introducing new characters to expand the lore (per Deadline).

It is unknown at this time if the show will be anything like the first video game in the series, but a plot description of "Dragon Age: Origins" from Electronic Arts' website reads as, "With the return of an ancient foe and the kingdom engulfed in civil war, you have been chosen by fate to unite the shattered lands and slay the archdemon once and for all." Perhaps the show will play into some of the elements from this first game. It could certainly be surmised that the show will be centered on political intrigue, class struggles, and wartime battles, as most of the games have dealt with those themes. 

Who is producing and showrunning Dragon Age: Absolution?

The "Dragon Age: Absolution" series will be produced by Red Dog Culture House, the South Korean studio behind another Netflix-produced video game adaptation, "The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf," from 2021. Red Dog Culture House also worked with Netflix on the 2021 animated series "Centaurworld," and on a 2019 episode of "Love, Death, and Robots," titled "Good Hunting" (via IMDb).

Mairghread Scott will be showrunner for "Dragon Age: Absolution." Based on her pedigree listed on IMDb, she should be fully prepared for running a show based on an existing IP. The writer has previously worked on several shows in the "Transformers" and Marvel canons. She wrote on her official website, "I serve as the head writer and showrunner, with staff writers, Mae Catt and Tim Sheridan. It is beautifully animated by Red Dog Culture House with a stellar cast and crew! The show tells a new story set in the world of BioWare's amazing 'Dragon Age' video games."

Is there a trailer for Dragon Age: Absolution?

The trailer for the new series was released in June of 2022. The beginning of Netflix's teaser trailer for "Dragon Age: Absolution" seems to be teasing two kingdoms. One kingdom is located near the bottom of a mountain, and the other is located on top of a cliff. Shaped like a dragon, a golden ring appears to be central to the plot of the new animated series. Also, packing tons of action into this short trailer spot, the series looks to feature many battles that fans can obsess over.

According to Netflix's own Tudum, "There's a group of heroes, composed of human, elven and Qunari warriors, who use their prowess with swords and magical spells to battle dark forces. Judging by all the action packed into a 50-second clip, there'll be lots of epic battles in the series." It seems humans, creatures, and humanoids are featured in the trailer, so species that were explored in the games are seemingly going to be represented in the show.