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Netflix Has Cancelled Partner Track After Only One Season

It looks like "Partner Track" won't be moving any further up the corporate ladder. The Netflix legal drama, which first debuted in August 2022, has been canceled by the streaming giant after just one season (via Deadline). The announcement comes at the same time as news on the axing of one of Netflix's other recent dramas, the sci-fi series "The Imperfects."

"Partner Track" stars Arden Cho from "Teen Wolf" fame as Ingrid Yun, an up-and-coming lawyer who aims to rise through the ranks of a New York-based law firm and make partner. Things very quickly get out of control for Ingrid, as she finds herself immersed in a world of deception, cutthroat tactics, and romance. Those who followed along with the series' freshman effort know that the finale ends things off on a bombshell of a cliffhanger, and it seemed to be almost a given that the show would continue on to address this major turn of events. Unfortunately, it now seems that fans shouldn't hold their breaths for a follow-up.

Partner Track wasn't popular enough

Netflix's "Partner Track" cancellation appears to be a matter of popularity with audiences — or lack thereof. Per Deadline's report, the series was a far cry from Netflix's all-time most expensive shows, maintaining a "modest budget." Even then, it seemingly failed to match viewership numbers with the streaming company's relative level of investment. That's surprising, as "Partner Track" remained in Netflix's Global Top 10 most-viewed shows for three weeks following its premiere, with over 66 million hours watched worldwide.

Netflix apparently expected "Partner Track" to be a bigger success, pre-emptively commissioning a writer's room and initiating conversations about a continuation. "We are really excited," Netflix drama exec Jinny Howe told Deadline in August. "We have early thoughts about what Season 2 might be; I know that our creator Georgia Lee has a very strong perspective on what Season 2 would be. So yes, we are at early conversations considering how excited we are about how Season 1 turned out."

As Lee told Deadline, Season 2 would have delved into Jeff's big finale betrayal and Ingrid's quest to salvage her shattered career. Meanwhile, Desmond Chiam, who portrays Z on the show, had teased a burgeoning romance between his character and Ingrid to Today. "Sad we will never get to see what Z + Ingrid had in store for y'all," Arden Cho tweeted.

For those that still crave a resolution, it might be worth picking up Helen Wan's original novel, "The Partner Track," which the show adapts.