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Brendan Fraser's Comeback In The Whale Has Fans Rooting For Him Big Time

The first trailer for "The Whale" has dropped, and movie fans are finally getting a look at Brendan Fraser in the upcoming film. "The Mummy" franchise alum is in the middle of a tremendous comeback (in the movie world) and already is surrounded with Oscar buzz for his portrayal of Charlie in the Darren Aronofsky flick.

The Brenaissance (or Fraserssance, whichever you prefer) is in full swing, as fans of the 90s hunk are rooting for him more than ever during his comeback. While he's seen success on the small screen ("The Affair," "Doom Patrol," "Professionals") recently, "The Whale" marks his first significant, leading role in a movie in quite some time. After the trailer for "The Whale" dropped on YouTube, the actor's fans flooded the comments section with praise for the actor and shared their hope for good things after too many misfortunes and devastating events.

Fans want nothing but the best for Brendan Fraser

In the comments section of "The Whale" trailer on YouTube, fans of Brendan Fraser fanned that Oscar buzz flame. "This looks really good and I hope Brendan Fraser gets an Oscar for his role, he needs to be recognized more for his work as an actor," one user wrote. "If Brendan Fraser wins an Oscar for this, I will literally sob. He deserves everything so much" another added.

The top comment on the post praised the "George of the Jungle" actor and thanked director Darren Aronofsky for including Fraser in the film. "If anyone who deserves a comeback, it's definitely Brendan Fraser. Dude is so talented and you can see he's definitely passionate in his craft. It's amazing that someone like Darren Aronofsky trusted what Fraser can do with his new movie. I cannot wait to see The Whale," they wrote.

The comments section was absolutely flooded with support for Fraser, with many saying no one deserves the positive recognition more than him. "We're all rooting for you Brendan!" another excited fan wrote.

"The Whale" lands in theaters on December 9. Oscar nominations follow on January 24, 2023.