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You Can Finally Watch The Trailer For Brendan Fraser's Comeback Movie The Whale

The Brenaissance is here. Brendan Fraser is slowly stepping back into the spotlight since his time as a leading man in the late 90s and early aughts. Prior to rejoining the film world, Fraser appeared in a number of television series including "The Affair," "Doom Patrol," and  "Professionals." But now it's time for the seasoned actor to show the world he's still got it, and boy does he. "The Whale" is the newest outing from A24, directed by surrealist Darren Aronofsky. "The Whale" is about a shut-in English teacher who has an estranged relationship with his daughter which he tries to mend. 

Thanks to its premiere at TIFF, "The Whale" is already generating Oscar buzz, with Fraser the frontrunner for the best actor prize according to Gold Derby. Now that the first official trailer for the film has dropped, we're seeing why the actor has the odds in his favor. 

Brendan Fraser will bring you to tears in The Whale's first trailer

In the short one-minute three-second trailer for "The Whale," Brendan Fraser steals the show as Charlie. Set to the sound of ocean waves and somber instrumental music, "The Whale" trailer shows different shots of rooms inside a tidy but dark home. "Do you ever get the feeling people are incapable of not caring?" Charlie narrates. "People are amazing." 

We see Charlie looking out a window at a bird eating, seeming to appreciate the view he has. Later, we see him again with nasal cannulas while talking to someone (presumably his daughter), with beads of sweat coming down his face. His two lines are the only dialogue we get in the trailer, but it sets the tone for something special to come. We mostly spend time in the dark home during the teaser, which will likely host most of the film if it honors the play of the same name that it's based on by Samuel D. Hunter.

"The Whale" premieres in theaters on December 9.