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A Million Little Things' Ending After Five Seasons Was Always The Plan

For the past four years, ABC viewers had watched a circle of friends living around Boston become closer after the loss of their friend Jon Dixon (Ron Livingston). But now fans of "A Million Little Things" will have to say goodbye to them with the upcoming 5th season of the series.

According to Variety, the 5th season of "A Million Little Things," set to premiere in February 2023, will be its last. The drama series originally debuted with strong ratings and slipped with viewers in later seasons, though it was apparently a consistent performer, the outlet noted.

Series creator and executive producer DJ Nash confirmed the news, and the cast made an announcement video regarding the final season as well. "We can't believe this incredible journey is coming to an end," Grace Park said, commenting on behalf of the show's ensemble.

However, Nash agreed with the cast and emphasized that the fact the show would be ending after five seasons was always part of the plan.

DJ Nash wanted to finish the show on his own terms

Many shows end prematurely, getting canceled before their storylines can wrap up properly. But "A Million Little Things" is actually ending when it should. Creator DJ Nash issued a statement quoted in Variety where he explained his actual plans for the series. "I know seeing this show end may be sad for many people (especially my mom who watches live every week), but I always knew I wanted to follow these friends for 5 seasons and leave them when the time was right," Nash said.

The cast confirmed this plan in their own video as well. "But as we've always said from the beginning," actor David Giuntoli stated, "we would end this journey when the time was right." The actors also thanked the series' loyal viewers for watching and connecting to the characters over the past 4 seasons.

The show's fans, called "Millionaires," may mourn the loss of "A Million Little Things" once the season is over. But at least it will be ending on its own terms and concluding the story it began, when the final season premieres on February 8, 2023.