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Why Ittetsu Takeda From Haikyuu!! Sounds So Familiar

From a slice of life to epic battles, anime is a genre in itself. Creative storylines and impressive visuals create a style all its own and give high stakes, even to stories about volleyball. So goes the way of the shōnen series "Haikyu!!" Though it lacks the drama of defeating a god-like being in "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood," "Haikyu!!" more than makes up for it in heart. The series follows young Shoyo Hinata (Ayumu Murase) in his quest for glory as one of the best volleyball players at Karasuno High School. There he clashes with teammates as he learns to fit in under the tutelage of Coach Keishin Ukai (Kazunari Tanaka) and faculty advisor Ittetsu Takeda.

For anyone well-versed in the world of anime, the voice of Ittetsu Takeda will be familiar. With many voice actors cropping up in popular anime, there is bound to be some crossover. But this actor has been featured in more than one anime classic.

He was the infamous Surgeon of Death in One Piece

Throughout the history of anime, "One Piece" is one of the most popular. Considered one of The Big Three in shōnen anime, the series boasts over 1,000 episodes and has been long-running since the late '90s (via IMDb). Following the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy (Mayumi Tanaka), the young pirate and his fellow Straw Hats search for the titular treasure left behind by Gol D. Roger. It's a goal that most every other pirate has in the "One Piece" timeline, including Trafalgar Law (Hiroshi Kamiya), the voice of Ittetsu Takeda in "Haikyu!!"

Anime often hinges on traumatic backstories, and Law's has informed who he turns out to be. His tragic past of watching his family die formed him to be unequivocally ruthless, yet he stands by a moral code, making him an impressive character to watch. Known as the Surgeon of Death, Law is a practicing medical professional and does not agree with violence if it's unnecessary. This character was just the start of Kamiya's career and laid the groundwork for many complex characters.

He was a true agent of chaos in Durarara!!

It is the rare anime that elegantly immerses audiences in a large ensemble of equally important characters, but "Durarara!!" fits the bill. Set in the city of Ikebukuro, the 2010 anime follows a wide array of people trying to live their lives through gang wars, high school, and vendettas. Among many of the characters include Celty (Miyuki Sawashiro), an underground courier searching for her missing head, and naive high schooler Mikado (Toshiyuki Toyonaga). Throughout their adventures, "Durarara!!" ties together different happenings in the city to tell a universal story about what it is to be human.

And one of the most fascinating characters in the story is information broker Izaya Orihara (Hiroshi Kamiya). Unlike Celty and Mikado, who have an established moral compass, Izaya is an unrepentant villain for most of the series. Beyond his ongoing conflict with Shizuo (Daisuke Ono), Izaya's only real goal is to stir the pot. Even though he claims to love humans, Izaya manipulates events, putting people in dire situations to see how they will react. Izaya's irrefutable complexity, as well as his sense of humor makes him a captivating character and makes you question your views on humanity.

Mephisto was one exorcist that stood out in Blue Exorcist

Adolescence is never easy, especially when your dad is Satan. That is precisely the plight of Rin Okumura (Nobuhiko Okamoto), who is shocked to learn the truth of his lineage at the start of "Blue Exorcist." After the death of their mentor Father Fujimoto (Keiji Fujiwara), Rin is determined to put an end to his biological father. Armed with a dangerous sword that awakens demonic powers within him, Rin follows his greatest wish to be a bonafide exorcist. And where does one learn the art of exorcism to kill the one and only Satan? The True Cross Academy, of course. Hiroshi Kamiya's character Mephisto Pheles grants Rin entrance to the prestigious academy, despite initial reservations. His style and ostentatious personality set him apart from the rest of the serious characters, as well as his apparent reference to Biblical lore.

Though he is only one of the ways "Blue Exorcist" plays homage to Christianity, he is one of the most memorable. His name is a clear play on Mephistopheles from "Faust," and Kamiya plays the trickster character well. It should be noted that these references are not an accident, either. "I made biblical references with the thinking that 'I should not run away from these references if I'm working in the Exorcist genre,'" noted the creator of the manga Kazue Kato to Anime News Network. Mephisto may not be a direct translation of "Faust," but he certainly plays toward the genre as Kato intended.

He is one of many iconic characters in Attack On Titan

Anime is no stranger to disturbing imagery, but the titular creatures from "Attack On Titan" are the unforgettable stuff of nightmares. These giant monsters are the central conflict for one of the most well-regarded anime stories. Taking place in a world where Titans have caused armageddon, the series follows the trio of friends Eren (Yûki Kaji), Mikasa (Yui Ishikawa), and Armin (Marina Inoue) as they train and ultimately join The Scout Regiment to save humanity.

Their lives are so full of pain and violence that they create a broad spectrum of unforgettable characters dealing with many moral quandaries. One of the most intriguing is Scout Captain Levi Ackerman (Hiroshi Kamiya). His brutal upbringing in the Underground City taught him how to fight as well as the art of making difficult decisions. Though the Scouts initially blackmail him into joining the military, Levi becomes a well-respected captain. Terse and calculating, it may seem that Levi has no love for anything, but he is loyal to the cause and all of his subordinates. A man of many contradictions, he values human life and is uncompromising in his beliefs.

He was a spritely foe in The Seven Deadly Sins

The concept of Christianity is something that anime tackles occasionally, but none so fantastically as in "The Seven Deadly Sins." Not only does the series cover the concepts in the Bible, but literature as well. Set in the fictional land of Britannia, "The Seven Deadly Sins" has many references to Arthurian legend, including the gender-bent character of Merlin (Maaya Sakamoto). From fairies to demons, this anime covers many creatures who set out to defeat the Holy Knights.

No hero's journey is easy, least of all that of the cursed members of The Seven Deadly Sins. Each has their cross to bear and their tragedies to contend with. Though Hiroshi Kamiya only appears in seven episodes as Helbram, his story arc significantly impacts King (Jun Fukuyama). Helbram and King were once close friends until the human race disillusioned the former. Seeing the violence that humans were capable of, Helbram joined the Holy Knights and eventually turned against King. Despite their past, King must kill his old friend because of the danger that he poses. Helbram is just one example of how people can be corrupted and shows how much The Seven Deadly Sins must endure.