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Netflix Is Firing Up A Gears Of War Film And Animated Series

"Gears of War" is one of the biggest franchises around as far as Xbox exclusives go. Boasting five mainline games and several spin-offs, the series has been a part of Microsoft's central line-up of games since 2007, making the jump across three generations of Xbox hardware. The series is incredibly successful and has sold over 19 million copies on the back of the first three titles alone (via IGN).

Taking place in a dystopian future society that has been invaded by creatures known as the Locust Horde, "Gears of War" is unique in that its monsters actually come from beneath the surface of planet Sera rather than descending from the skies. The series follows the endless conflict between the surviving humans trying to fight off the creatures and save what's left of civilization, as bloody conflict after bloody conflict takes a toll on the soldiers at the heart of the war. All the same, it looks like even more bullets and bloodshed are coming, as Netflix has announced that it's developing both a movie and an animated series based on "Gears of War."

The game's main storyline will be adapted

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Gears of War" is coming to Netflix. The plan for the franchise is to adapt that mainline story into one or several live-action movies before moving on to an adult-oriented animated series. Of course, how things will play out for the adaptation will likely be dependent on viewership numbers, as a production this extensive will likely be costly for the streamer.

There are very few details known about the adaptation as of yet, with no filmmakers or producers attached to the project at this time. Still, since Netflix has already had Dave Bautista as the star of "Army of the Dead" and the actor is featured in the upcoming "Knives Out" sequel "Glass Onion," there is hope that the perfect-for-the-job star could be in consideration for the role of protagonist Marcus Fenix, especially since Bautista has already expressed interest in the film.

Either way, fans will have to keep those chainsaw guns revved up and ready for a while, as the production will no doubt require a somewhat lengthy development time before they're ready to emerge from the depths below with the first "Gears of War" movie.