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Joey Lawrence Announces New Show On Fox After His Masked Singer Reveal

He is the Walrus — prolific sitcom actor Joey Lawrence has been revealed as a contestant on FOX's celebrity reality program, "The Masked Singer," and although he was voted off the show, it appears to be just one step in an ongoing collaboration with the network. According to Lawrence himself, he will be reuniting with his brothers to create an original series for the first time in over a decade (via People).

Joey Lawrence previously collaborated with his brothers Matthew and Andrew on the short-lived scripted series, "Brotherly Love." Fresh off of his career-defining role on "Blossom," Joey led the series as Joe Ramon, who steps in to take care of his stepbrothers after their father dies in an accident. Ironically, the Lawrences are not step-brothers in real life. The series ran on NBC for one season before changing networks to The WB (per IMDb). It was canceled after two seasons.

Though the brothers have worked together many times, a return to television is a huge development for the trio.

Lawrence is ready to 'have some fun'

It is currently unknown what exactly the new Lawrence Brothers series will be about, aside from the fact that it will be in collaboration with FOX. In the wake of his unmasking, he announced "...we're in talks with Fox about the brothers and I on a brand-new show together for the first time in 15 years," (via People). Both Andrew and Matthew appeared on episodes of Joey's ABC Family sitcom, "Melissa and Joey" (along with Melissa Joan Hart).

Most recently, the brothers joined forces for an Amazon Christmas film titled "Mistletoe Mixup," which was directed by Andrew. Joey told People that they are currently working together on another installment in the series that will be released by "next Christmas" on Amazon. He went on to say that he and his brothers "took a little break" from working together, but "...now, as grown men we're like, 'Let's do this. Let's have some fun.'"

Lawrence described a series with FOX as the "logical next step," after finding success on NBC, ABC, and CBS. The actor did not state if his series would air on the FOX network or its free, ad-based streaming platform, Tubi. The trio is clearly very close-knit, with Joey revealing his "Masked Singer" involvement solely to Andrew, Matthew, and his wife, actor Stephanie Cope. "Didn't tell my kids because they have loose lips and they talk to their friends," he told People, "but the brothers are vaults and my wife is a vault."