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How Twitter Reacted To Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

"Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" closes out Phase 4 of "The Multiverse Saga" and is also the last MCU film of 2022. The sequel will be a rollercoaster, serving as perhaps the most emotional outing in the universe to date as the world continues to grieve Chadwick Boseman. Outside of the emotional weight the film will carry, fans are hoping the sequel will redeem Phase 4, which hasn't produced the strongest movies compared to those in "The Infinity Saga."

With a lot on its shoulders, all eyes are on "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," and some of the earliest reactions from press screenings suggest it's a solid sequel and an emotional triumph. The movie is being applauded for its world-building and powerful female cast, with special shoutouts to Letitia Wright and Angela Bassett for their incredible performances — but there is a newcomer that steals a lot of shine. Additional screenings are now happening during the premiere week for the film before it officially drops on November 11. Twitter, as usual, is ablaze with reactions to "Wakanda Forever," and here's what people on the bird app are saying about Ryan Coogler's second go in the MCU.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is tremendous

Going into this film, many MCU fans were wondering how it would handle the death of Chadwick Boseman. We can't give anything away, but Twitter reactions are proving Ryan Coogler honored his friend properly. "BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER is the best film of MCU's Phase 4. With the strongest emotional core of the entire franchise, it overcomes its unfocused structure and overbearing length to stand tall as a powerful reflection that perfectly honors Chadwick Boseman's legacy, "Diego Andaluz of Discussing Film tweeted. "Emotionally rich and technically brilliant, Ryan Coogler's directing hand is felt throughout. Tenoch Huerta is an absolute standout as Namor. Chadwick Boseman's legacy is honored well," journalist Sheraz Farooqi added

A major theme being discussed on Twitter is the world-building Coogler managed to cram in the film's two-hour and 41-minute runtime. "Wakanda Forever" introduces the underwater nation of Talacon, where Namor (Tenoch Huerta) reigns. "Definitely a return to form the MCU in a few ways. A good villain with depth, better effects and dialogue. Coogler also did some incredible world building yet again," Jack Kennedy of "Lights Camera Barstool" tweeted. It certainly is not easy to introduce a whole new world in the MCU, especially within a movie focused on Wakanda and its people. GiteshPandya of Box Office Guru wrote that "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" is a "solid mix of developing post-Chadwick path + world-building for future #MCU stories." "Wakanda Forever" is certainly an emotional outing, better bring your tissues. But Twitter reviews suggest it's so much more than a legacy film, and a throwback to the great films of "The Infinity Saga," including the original "Black Panther."

Some performances in Wakanda Forever are award-worthy

Finding a "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" tweet that doesn't praise Angela Bassett is like finding a needle in a haystack. The Academy Award nominee might get another nod thrown her way at the next Oscars if Twitter has anything to say about it. "The best Marvel Studios anything in at least five years. So much imagination and energy and emotion never bogged down by the larger MCU framework. Tenoch Huerta is a damn star, and Angela Bassett is a legend," critic Matthew Jackson tweeted. "Angela Bassett delivers a powerful and emotional performance that really anchors the story," reviewer Eddie Lopez added

Another shining star in "Wakanda Forever" is Tenoch Huerta, who is getting ample amounts of praise on social media. "Tenoch Huerta steals every moment," critic Doug Jamieson wrote after seeing the film. "Tenoch Huerta & Letitia Wright give strong performances with the former stealing the movie," movie fan account Fandads tweeted. Wright also gets lots of compliments on Twitter, with film YouTuber Leo Rydel writing, "She is at some of her BEST here with Shuri. Her story in the film is a powerful one and Wright deserves all the credit for what she brought to the table." 

If the tweets surrounding "Wakanda Forever" are any indication, this might just be the best film in Phase 4 of the MCU. It will likely battle "Spider-Man: No Way Home" in debates about the best, but if you're looking for a solid, well-rounded film that doesn't rely on fanfare and cameos, the "Black Panther" sequel looks to take the cake.

Namor becomes one of the great MCU villains

Perhaps one of the biggest talking points amongst moviegoers is Namor, as the MCU's newest villain is a scene-stealer. "Got a new favorite MCU character in Namor. Loved how Tenoch Huerta brought him to life and loved the world of Talokan. Fantastic idea to infuse Mesoamerican culture into it. Wish we got to spend more time down there, but what we see is beautifully realized," @_ShauryaChawla tweeted after seeing the flick Thursday. "Talokan was beautiful I hope we get to see more of Namor's kingdom. I love world building it was so cool," @SweetAsCerasee added. 

The MCU has always had a villain problem. Sure, there are some greats, but a majority have been total duds. It looks like Namor is helping to balance it all out, as the character is one of the film's highlights. "Highlight is undoubtedly Namor, who immediately becomes one of the MCU's most fascinating characters," @MovieCooper wrote. A common theme among those who have seen "Wakanda Forever" is that Namors backstory is well told, while his nation is also perfectly displayed. Not only is the villain a major trend on Twitter, but so are the people of Talokan. One user noted how powerful, strong, and terrifying the Talokans are, while another expressed how they brought most of the excitement to the movie. 

Chadwick Boseman is honored properly

If you scan the "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" tweets, you'll notice one theme more than any other — the movie perfectly honors Chadwick Boseman. There are hundreds upon hundreds of tweets mentioning the late actor and how the film pays its respects to him. "I cried through the whole thing. Chadwick was honored so well. He is missed," @StanAccountHRM wrote. "#WakandaForever is great! Very much missed Chadwick as the character. It's a beautiful film that honors his legacy and expands the MCU," @Greg_Pomes tweeted after seeing the movie.

Like we said earlier, don't forget those tissues (or awful movie theater napkins) before sitting down for "Wakanda Forever." Many tweets indicate the film is a tear-jerker. "What a beautiful and emotional movie. Great performances from the cast all around. Honors the legacy of Chadwick Boseman in many meaningful ways," @_Will_McClean wrote.

Not only is Boseman highlighted often in the movie, but the Marvel Studios logo at the beginning is entirely dedicated to the late actor. The mid-credits scene (which is the only one, by the way) is also a moment you won't want to miss. 

Of course, there were criticisms

You can't please everyone these days, especially movie fans. While it's difficult to find a tweet that totally bashes "Wakanda Forever," there are plenty that point out its flaws (or what said tweeter believes to be flaws). "I was expecting soooo much more. The trailer looked AMAZING and the movie at many times was meh. I hated the "villan" and I don't think his actions were justified," @spongendy tweeted. 

When it comes to the not-so-glowing comments about the movie, it looks like a lot of moviegoers thought the 161-minute runtime was just too much. "It's a very touching tribute that's done quite tastefully in most parts, but lots of the other elements fall flat or get too distracted. Also did not need to be quite as long as it was," @ColeKinghorn wrote. "Beautiful tribute to @chadwickboseman but the film, was too long, looks to be setting up much more," @Robfeliz added. 

If the biggest complaint people have about "Wakanda Forever" is that it's a little bit too long, we'd say it's still a winner.