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The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale Teaser Brings Snark To Netflix

Someone's spilled the soup all over Netflix.

Joel McHale has pinned up his green screen for a new series on the streaming service, The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, and you can watch a teaser for the program now.

The commercial spot leans into the Community star's status as, if not the king, then at least a king of green screen, putting him in a keyed-out T-shirt and slacks on which the news of the day is projected — though there's also a bit of BoJack Horseman footage in there, apropos of nothing. We see you, Netflix.

Of course, it's not all woeful politics talk and Netflix cross-promotion in the new teaser, which takes the opportunity to superimpose a collage of human penises all across McHale's clothing before the ad ends. As far as statements of purpose go, that's a fairly bold one, and we hear them loud and clear. That's the sort of comedy spark that The Daily Show just doesn't have, y'know?

So far, everything we've seen from The Joel McHale Show intentionally hearkens back to McHale's previous series, The Soup, which he hosted for 12 seasons before it was canceled by E! in 2015. With any luck, the new series will be another serving of The Soup in everything but name.

A weekly series, The Joel McHale Show will tape new episodes on Thursdays to air on the following Sundays. According to Deadline, the first episode of the series will feature Kevin Hart as McHale's inaugural guest, with additional appearances by Mike Colter, Paul Reiser, Jodie Sweetin and his Community co-stars Alison Brie and Jim Rash. It all kicks off on February 18.