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Grey's Anatomy Fans Are Freaking Out Over That Japril Picture In Season 19, Episode 5

Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and April Kepner (Sarah Drew) joined "Grey's Anatomy" in Season 6, both new residents after the merging of Seattle Grace and Mercy West. It would be another season before their friendship would start to evolve into something more, with April seeing Jackson with new eyes after he punches Alex (Justin Chambers) in her defense. By Season 8, "Japril" officially got started after April lost her virginity to Jackson. Despite their feelings for each other — it wouldn't be "Grey's Anatomy" if the romance wasn't extended due to obstacles — it would take Jackson interrupting April's wedding to another in Season 10 before the couple was finally together.

While the pair got married, it was far from happily ever after for Japril. They got divorced, got into relationships with others, and kept pushing each other away. But they also had a child together, which forced them to stay in each others' lives and co-parent. Drew left the show at the end of Season 14, and Williams decided his time on the show was done in Season 17. But April returned in Season 17 to help close out Jackson's story, and the duo agreed to move to Boston together could co-parent their daughter.

Fans were thrilled when they returned briefly to Grey Sloan in Season 18, clearly reunited again. While we didn't see April in Season 19, Episode 5, a picture next to Harriet's bed has fans feeling excited about the couple's togetherness.

Fans are hopeful Japril's story isn't over

During Season 19, Episode 5 of "Grey's Anatomy," Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) gives her nightly wrap-up and introspective on life, and we also catch a glimpse of Dr. Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) reading a bedtime story to her granddaughter. As the camera scrolls through the room, it pauses for just a moment on a smiling picture of Japril, sitting on Harriet's (Penelope Kapudija) nightstand, causing fans to freak out. "That is one CUTE Mom & Dad / Jackson & April picture on Harriet's nightstand (and cute Catherine-Harriet moment!)" u/hintoflime3 wrote on a "Grey's Anatomy" subreddit. "JAPRIL FANS WE WIN," wrote u/annaamontanaa.

While a picture of their smiling parents doesn't seem unusual for a child's room, many viewers are hoping it's a sign of something more. "Please tell me this is hinting at a Japril spinoff," tweeted @tvgoldtweets. Both Drew and Williams have spoken about how much they would love to do a spinoff, with Williams telling Insider, "It's an interesting premise. We would kill it."

Craig Erwich, ABC Entertainment, and Hulu Originals President has said "There are no conversations about a spinoff of 'Grey's Anatomy' at this time," but said they would be open to it (via Us Magazine).