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Baby Yoda Fans Are On High Alert After Grogu Short Film Release Date Reportedly Leaks

"Andor" might be the best thing since sliced Bantha, but does the multi-layered "Star Wars" tale of espionage and authoritarian governments have a cute sidekick to help lighten the vibe? Of course not; that championship title still rests and is unlikely to be taken from Baby Yoda, aka Grogu. That scene-stealing little scamp has been carried around by "The Mandalorian" for two seasons and an intergalactic interval, also known as "The Book of Boba Fett," and we still can't get enough of him. To quote a legendary director and Client to our favorite bounty hunter, we would like to see the baby, and as much as possible.

What great news then that a group of rebels intercepted a transmission (well, a list of upcoming releases, really) from Disney+ Italy, confirming that we're going to get Grogu back on our screens in his own short film. Even more surprising is that we'll be getting it before he takes to the stars again with Mando (Pedro Pascal) in the highly anticipated third season of "The Mandalorian." So when can we expect to see the frog-gobbling little gem? Well, is this month okay with you? Thought so.

Baby Yoda will be back on screens this month with Grogu and the Dust Bunnies

Disney+ Italy thought they may have dodged a telling-off from the Empire when they quickly deleted their list of upcoming releases, but a keen-eyed poster on r/StarWarsLeaks already got a bead on the info and sent it out across the galaxy. Confirming the short as "Grogu and the Dust Bunnies," details of the little guy's adventure haven't been revealed, unfortunately. With that said, if this really is Mando's adorable ally wandering around chasing particles in the air, that kind of chill-out, a charming bit of viewing might be a perfect remedy as we go into the stress of the festive season. "Online presents orders haven't arrived yet? Don't worry. Here's Grogu wandering around a space hanger getting distracted by floating specs. Enjoy!"

What's also worth noting is that the title is accompanied by "Star Wars Zen," potentially linked to Zenimation, who are behind the soundscape shorts linked to the likes of "Moana," "Raya and the Last Dragon" and "Frozen." That might suggest that we're not getting Grogu in live-action but a fancy looking animated short, potentially increasing his adorability levels well over 9,000. That's fine with us. You do you, Grogu.