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The Deleted Black Adam Post-Credit Scene Almost Changed Everything About Doctor Fate's DCEU Future

Contains spoilers for "Black Adam"

Even by superhero movie standards, a surprising amount of "Black Adam" characters have tragic backstories. Of particular note is Kent "Doctor Fate" Nelson (Pierce Brosnan), whose charming demeanor and considerable magic powers belie the fact that he's grown weary of using the Helmet of Fate, which has prevented him from dying for quite some time now. 

The ending of "Black Adam" finally shows how Doctor Fate escapes his seemingly endless life, and willingly performs a heroic sacrifice that enables Teth-Adam (Dwayne Johnson) to finally embrace his inner superhero. Of course, the helmet has no intention of hanging out at the periphery, and Hawkman (Aldis Hodge) manages to use it in a strategically important way before the helm disintegrates. 

Beyond what transpires in the endgame of "Black Adam," it's up in the air just what will become of the helmet. However, recently revealed news about a deleted post-credits scene indicates that we could've had so much more information about this. Here's a look at the deleted "Black Adam" post-credit scene almost changed everything about Doctor Fate's DC Extended Universe future.

A deleted scene, a hand, and a helmet

"Black Adam's" sole unexpected post-credits scene is highly buzzy, due to the fact that it brings Henry Cavill's Superman back in the DCEU. However, according to information by The Direct, there was originally another intriguing post-credits scene that shed some light on the status of the Helmet of Fate ... and its possible future wearer.

The scene that was cut from the movie due to unknown reasons, depicted the helmet lying in sand — and the hand of an unknown person reaching out to it. This moment would have been a simple one, but it would also have meant a great deal to the future of Doctor Fate in the DCEU. Quite possibly, the hand would have belonged to Khalid Nassour, the most prominent comics Doctor Fate after Kent Nelson. It remains to be seen whether he — or Nelson, or someone entirely different — will return as Doctor Fate, but if this scene was indeed shot and cut, it implies that at the very least, the DCEU has been toying with the idea of the character's eventual return in some shape, form or way.