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Black Adam Has Fans All Buzzing About The Unexpected Post-Credit Scene

The following contains spoilers for "Black Adam."

Dwayne Johnson's "Black Adam" has finally completed its 15-year journey to cinemas. While critical reactions have been largely negative, Johnson's fan base appears to be satisfied by the feature, especially its universe-defining post-credits scene.

Chances are, if you're reading this, you have at least some idea of what happens in the much talked about post-credits scene — whether you've seen the movie for yourself or simply heard Dwayne Johnson spoil it on the red carpet. Either way, The Rock's edgy anti-hero epic has at least one high point in bringing back one of the few working elements of the early DCEU.

In the post-credits sequence, Henry Cavill's Superman appears after a contentious conversation between Black Adam and Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis, another mainstay of the early DCEU). "It's been a while since anyone's made the world this nervous," says the Man of Steel as he emerges from a cloud of smoke in a strikingly bright version of his Justice League costume. "Black Adam. We should talk."

DC fans are thrilled, while Snyder fans recoil

Needless to say, fan response to Cavill's return has been mostly positive. @blurayangel tweeted a video of The Rock dancing in his gym, with the caption, "DC fans when they watch the #BlackAdam post credit scene." Twitch streamer @bunnymon_tv said "Black Adam was the GOAT! that post credit scene made the whole theatre scream..." while @popetheking said "I CRIED AT THE POST CREDIT SCENE"

On the other hand, some fans — especially those obsessed with Zack Snyder — are displeased with the return. After posting their own version of the post-credits scene with Hans Zimmer's score and Snyder's black suit, one user claimed "...I cannot believe that me, a 14 year old kid did it better than multi billion dollar studio..." before continuing to tweet #BringBackZackSnyder several times in the span of a few hours. "Didn't like Black Adam's post credit scene," said @KWarrior777 "They could have used the black suit as a "statement" to show Zack Snyder's Justice League is canon. #RestoreTheSnyderVerse This is going to further divide the fandom." Seemingly alluding to the leak before the film's release, @steusmotus wrote "Christian Bale not going back to DC without Nolan is what loyalty looks like..."