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Danny McBride's Fake Dundee Movie Gets A Full Trailer For The Super Bowl

Danny McBride now has something (well, at least one more thing) in common with Spuds MacKenzie. 

As we all pretty much expected, all of those teasers for Dundee, McBride's mysterious Crocodile Dundee sequel, turned out to be an elaborate ad campaign for Tourism Australia. Still, it's definitely worth watching.

In the faux movie, McBride stars as Brian Dundee, the American son of Mick Dundee (Paul Hogan) from the original movies. Subsequent teasers revealed roles for Chris Hemsworth as Wally Jr., Margot Robbie as Lil' Donk, Hugh Jackman as the Prime Minister, and Russell Crowe as J.P. Steele. Other actors include Isla Fisher as Dr. Clark, Ruby Rose as Chief Jackson, Liam Hemsworth as Wes Windsong, Jessica Mauboy as Miss Thompson, and Luke Bracey as The Cricket Legend.

It did seem kind of unrealistic that this kind of cast could assemble to make an entire movie in complete secrecy, but for a minute there, we had hope. Still, Australia looks lovely. We should all probably go. 

The whole thing is a sly reference to the 1984 "G'Day Mate" tourism campaign that Hogan was a big part of. He's also listed as a producer on Dundee.