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Who Did Criminal Minds Star Paget Brewster Voice On Alpha Betas?

When Paget Brewster first appears on "Criminal Minds" in Season 2, Episode 9 ("The Last Word") as Agent Emily Prentiss, Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) is confused about her appearance and tells her that she must be in the wrong place. By the end of the episode, she convinces him to give her a chance, and eventually, she convinces him and the rest of the BAU team that she deserves to be there and isn't just there because her dad is an ambassador. Prentiss eventually earns the team's trust and respect, becoming a fan favorite.

But then Brewster and A.J. Cook were fired at the end of Season 6, and fans were not happy. According to Brewster, a high-ranking CBS executive "called [executive producer] Ed Bernero and said, 'I want new women.' So we were fired" (per A.V. Club). Fortunately, CBS eventually realized that the two women played a big role in the show's popularity. By Season 7, Cook was rehired. Brewster was brought back for the season as well but left after its completion. She returned as a series regular in Season 12.

After "Criminal Minds" ended in 2020, Brewster has had plenty of guest-starring roles in shows. One animated show, in particular, is "Alpha Betas."

She voices Allison, the head of the CIA's Energy Department

"Alpha Betas" came from Starburn Industries, the same studio that released the popular "Rick and Morty" animated series. The $500 billion U.S. Government team, Alpha Team, is composed of four reckless and arrogant gamers who are powering the entire United States with their game-playing and also preventing future power-related tragedies. Paget Brewster plays the head of this team as the confident, take-no-crap boss Allison. While she acknowledges that the twenty-somethings are all screw-ups, she knows how important they are to the country's well-being. Brewster also voices a side character, Emily, who's on a rival team Allison created.

Despite premiering in 2021 and not getting picked up by Netflix or any other streamers, "Alpha Betas" is still going strong, first appearing on Evan Fong's YouTube page, then moving to its own "Alpha Betas" page. The second and third episodes premiered on October 31, and the fourth will premiere on November 7. Upcoming episodes five through eight are also expected before the end of the year.

With Brewster returning to her role as Prentiss in the upcoming "Criminal Minds: Evolution," it's unclear if she'll continue her role as Allison on "Alpha Betas." But the show is a lot of fun and quite the departure from the dark and brooding "Criminal Minds," so we hope she sticks around.