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Young Royals Star Edvin Ryding Expresses The Importance Of Excluding Prince Wilhelm's Labels

Some might think that being a member of royalty must be one of the best positions to be in. To be able to command respect where ever one might go, to have access to vast sums of money, and to possess all sorts of lands and titles sounds like a pretty sweet deal. But then, one might be missing all of the pressure and responsibility that comes with such lofty heights of power. Guess being born into a role that sees you lifted higher than your fellow humans has got to take a toll sooner or later as one struggles to relate.

"Young Royals" shows off just how much nobility can be problematic, and the Swedish series focuses on the fictional Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding). As the second in line, Prince Wilhelm gets in trouble after a video is posted of him fighting, and he is sent to an elite boarding school. Luckily for him, he meets a fellow kindred spirit in Simon Erikkson (Omar Rudberg), but tragedy later strikes in Wilhelm's family that sees his position in the world change, which also throws his relationship with Simon into chaos as Wilhelm accepts new responsibility. Although some might want to put a name to Wilhelm and Simon's interactions, Ryding has recently explained why the show has avoided doing as such.

Edvin Ryding doesn't think labels are necessary for the story of Young Royals

With Season 2 of "Young Royals" now available on Netflix, some fans may wonder what the future has in store for Prince Wilhelm and Simon, considering the dramatic conclusion of Season 1. As a refresher, Season 1 ended with a leaked video exposing the relationship between Wilhelm and Simon, with Wilhelm denying that he is the person in the video. Feeling bad that Simon's life has now been catapulted into the public's eye, Wilhelm confesses his love to Simon, though Simon remains mute on the subject. The season ends with Wilhelm leaving for vacation, so it will be interesting to see how the dust settles in Season 2.

Speaking with Pink News, Edvin Ryding explained why the show has not given Wilhelm and Simon's relationship a name and said, "There are a lot of different labels right now, but the thing about Wilhelm is he doesn't have a label. Although he's unsure of what he wants, he knows he enjoys spending time with Simon and it doesn't matter that he is a boy, that's not the thing itself. For him it's just fine being unlabelled and I think that's important to show the audience that you can be unlabelled."

Ryder added that "Young Royals" is having an impact on fans as well and that several have approached him and said that the show has given them the courage to come out to family members and friends. Ryder believes that is because "Young Royals" does not attach labels onto humanity and simply lets people be people without any judgment. In other words, Ryder thinks that having his character just being himself is enough, and labels and titles are simply unnecessary at this point in the story.