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Love And Heartache Abound In The Trailer For Netflix's Young Royals Season 2

In summer 2021, the world became enthralled with a fresh edition to Netflix's teen drama lineup — "Young Royals." The story centers on Swedish Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding), who is sent to the elite boarding school Hillerska after getting into a fight at a party. Here, he battles against his attraction toward fellow student Simon (Omar Rudberg), his conniving cousin August (Malte Gårdinger), and the sudden pressure to fill the shoes of his late older brother Erik (Ivar Forsling), the Crown Prince of Sweden.

Upon its premiere last year, "Young Royals" advanced to the streaming platform's top 10 in 12 different countries. The show was a particular hit in Sweden and Norway, where it held this status for five weeks. Ever since, the masses have been clamoring for more.

Fans of "Young Royals" will be thrilled to know that the show is returning for a second season, with the premiere set for November 1 on Netflix. "Young Royals" Season 2 is going to pick up right where 2021's high-stress finale left off. Wilhelm finally gives in to his feelings toward Simon, but an intimate moment between them is sneakily captured by August, who makes the video go viral. In an effort to appease his royal family, Wilhelm denies that it's him in the video, much to Simon's annoyance.

Is Wilhelm able to reconcile with the love of his life? Will there be repercussions for August's actions? A newly-released trailer for Season 2 provides some hints about forthcoming events.

Wilhelm and Simon struggle to reconcile after the viral video

Netflix recently dropped the trailer for "Young Royals" Season 2. Just from the 2-minute and 30-second runtime, it's clear that Wilhelm, Simon, and the other students of Hillerska are in for a stressful semester. Despite Simon's heartache over Wilhelm denying their romance, the two are on speaking terms. However, Simon doesn't want to appear too vulnerable. He tells Wilhelm in the library, "I've been thinking about you all break, but it's been nice having some space." This season, Simon will try to move on with a fresh love interest named Marcus (Tommy Wättring).

Meanwhile, Wilhelm looks far from happy as Simon distances himself. In one tense scene, he can be seen lashing out at a representative of the royal family who is trying to pry Wilhelm from his desk. He fiercely grips the furniture and says, "I'm staying." Still, he finds solace and friendship (and maybe more?) in Felice (Nikita Uggla). As for August, he's still lurking around Hillerska, but with a surprising new acquaintance — Simon's sister Sara (Frida Argento), who at one point has her hand placed on his chest. It will be interesting to see if there's something more to this storyline.

The trailer is going over extremely well with fans, many of whom already feel it'll be an unforgettable season. On YouTube, @Sara commented, "The goosebumps, the tension and emotions in their eyes, the actors have done a great job again." User @Assja added, "This is the most beautiful trailer I've ever seen ... the song is hauntingly beautiful! I can't wait to watch this masterpiece of a season!"