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Your Phantom Of The Opera Character Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In 1986, Andrew Lloyd Weber's award-winning "The Phantom of the Opera" — based on Gaston Leroux's novel of the same name — premiered on London's West End. The show's combination of classical opera style of singing with engaging and stinging pop/rock melodies clearly struck a cord with audiences, as "The Phantom of the Opera" holds the record for being the longest-running musical on Broadway (via Guinness World Records).

Joel Schumacher adapted the musical to film in 2004 and although it wasn't the hit that it was expected to be, this beloved tale found new audiences in those who had never seen the show on stage. Christine (Emmy Rossum) is a young aspiring actress, who receives musical training from a mysterious tutor known only as the "Opera Ghost" (Gerard Butler). She soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle with her childhood sweetheart Raoul (Patrick Wilson) and the shunned Phantom, who helps her voice find life.

Both the show and film are packed to the brim with a brilliant plot, moving music, and an eclectic group of compelling characters. Every character — from the opera directors to the Phantom himself — are crucial to the story, and each role brings different characteristics to the table that make them special. Fans of "The Phantom of the Opera" may have a favorite character, but there's always a character that best aligns with who you are. Read on to see which character from "The Phantom of the Opera" film you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Madame Giry

The sign of Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) is ruled mostly by the desire for change and love for humans. This sign is typically found engaging in some act of rebellion to spark progression in the way things are done or trying to deepen their connection with the human spirit. They often appear to be tough, but this is just a guise to hide their inner sensitive side, which needs more support and love than it typically gets. Aquarius is intellectual and armed with an innate sense of curiosity that guides them through the world and fuels their fire to make a difference.

There isn't anyone in "The Phantom of the Opera" more in tune with their love and rebellion than Madame Giry. As the choreographer of the ballerinas, Madame Giry works hard to keep the young women in line, including her daughter Meg Giry and her pseudo-daughter, Christine Daaé. She does have one particular weakness where her rebellious nature lies: her relationship with the Phantom. 

When they were children, she saved him and brought him to live at the opera house. Now, as adults, they remain in a strained friendship, as she doesn't always agree with his choices, but she believes he is a true genius and can help Christine become an amazing talent. Her curiosity and love for humanity help her see the good in everyone and try to nurture that to create change rather than focusing on the negative side.

Pisces: Andre

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) is constantly pulled between two states of being: fantasy and reality. They have this sense of whimsy, and they feel every emotion deeply and try to learn from it. Typically, this is why Pisces signs find success, because they can draw from the empathy of their shared experiences with others. This sign tends to put the focus on creativity and dreams, looking to aim high with their ambition. However, they often don't like to face conflict head-on, which can make them seem ignorant or flaky.

Gilles Andre is the more whimsical and cheerful of the two opera directors that have recently taken over the opera house. He's optimistic and works hard to change his own luck. He and his business partner Richard Firmin go from working in the scrap metal business to running the most popular opera house in Paris. 

Andre gets sucked into the fantasy of the opera and finds himself believing the mystery of the opera ghost, whereas Firmin is more skeptical. Once they realize the ghost poses a problem, Andre is the last person who wants to confront him because he's afraid of conflict. No matter what, though, Andre always keeps an empathetic spirit and optimistic attitude while balancing fantasy and reality, making him an undeniable Pisces.

Aries: Piangi

Aries (March 21 – April 19) is characterized by boldness. Those born under the ram are usually confident in their approach to life and are prone to act before thinking, even in the most stressful of situations. This sign possesses a large amount of passion and has a sunny personality that they use to motivate others to succeed. They love uncomplicated situations and shy away from anything with too many details. This means that sometimes, Aries can refuse to take in or recognize the emotional weight of lessons.

Ubaldo Piangi is about as Aries as it gets. He's the leading male of the opera house, and is romantically involved with the leading soprano, Carlotta. He's always optimistic — though a bit full of himself — and he dares to be bold in every situation. He can be quite impulsive, as he doesn't take the threat of the Phantom seriously, in part because he feels that he can take on the Phantom if necessary. Perhaps this is because he's so headstrong and positive about the outcomes that he doesn't feel the need to think too much about it. It might be more frustrating if he weren't so charming in his confidence and passion for the opera and life itself.

Taurus: Firmin

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) is known for their stubbornness, which is appropriate because this sign is represented by the bull. They enjoy luxury and engaging in the finer things in life, but also aren't afraid to use some hard-working skills to achieve what they want. They have a large amount of resilience that helps drive their focus and desire for success. Underlying all of these traits is the Taurean loyalty. This sign very often prioritizes being in compatible situations that are reliable. However, their desire for loyalty and dedication sometimes can be misconstrued because of the nature of their stubbornness.

Most stubborn of all "The Phantom of the Opera" characters is Richard Firmin, co-owner of the opera house along with Gilles Andre. He worked in the scrap metal business with Andre, and rolled up his sleeves to find success and be able to dive into the finer things in life, such as owning an opera, the epitome of excess and luxury that Tauruses love so much.

He is so adamant about being successful and doing it his way that he becomes lost in his own stubbornness and doesn't want to give in to the Phantom's demands — even if it results in people getting killed. He's great with money, and is more focused on the financial aspects of the opera than his partner, who has his head more in the clouds, which makes the grounded and practical Firmin a classic Taurus.

Gemini: Buquet

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) is a busy sign. Not only is this sign a social butterfly trying to navigate every group and talk to everyone they can, but Geminis also tend to be busy with work pursuits and making plans. Often this sign — represented by the twins — is labeled as two-faced, but that's far from the truth. There are no nefarious motives at play; they just are so playful and curious that it seems like they may be scheming. They are great with navigating change and are usually the first to try new things. You're likely to find a Gemini sign telling wild tales with expressive gestures and faces.

Joseph Buquet is the social butterfly of the opera house, unafraid to speak to anyone and always sticking his nose in others' business. This, unfortunately, is what gets him killed: He finds the Phantom messing with one of the shows, so the Phantom hangs him for meddling. While alive, Buquet relishes telling everyone stories of the Phantom with compelling motions and props that showcase his zodiac sign.

Cancer: Christine

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) signs have an amazing ability to transcend the physical world and exist within an emotional space. At first, Cancers might come across as quiet or distant and sometimes even standoffish. However, this is just because it takes a while for them to warm up to people, as they're extremely guarded. After they feel comfortable around you, Cancers are some of the most gentle, compassionate, and nurturing people you'll ever meet. This sign also has an innate ability to read the room emotionally, and often create spaces of their own to call sacred, where they can think about their loved ones and their own emotional health.

Christine Daaé is the emotional center of the story, so perhaps it's not surprising that she's also a Cancer sign. Her relationship with the Phantom is complicated. Even after she learns of the evil he's done, she still tries to understand him and finds herself swept up by his voice. She typically remains quiet and reluctant to be vulnerable with anyone who isn't Meg, Madame Giry, or eventually Raoul, which is in part because she watched her parents die and now protects herself by sheltering her feelings.

She is gentle with everyone, including the Phantom, and shows him compassion where others show him no mercy. Plus, in true Cancer fashion, Christine uses the chapel of the opera house as her sanctuary, where she can light candles for her father and ponder her emotions.

Leo: Carlotta

Where there's a Leo, there's a red carpet waiting for them to step on. Leo (July 23 – August 22) signs are the center of attention, and if they aren't being treated as such, will put themselves there. They tend to be full of theatrics and can be overly passionate about their interests. They're artists and creatives at heart, and often engage in dramatic romances that you might think are only seen in the movies. Leo signs can be divas, but often rightfully so based on their talent and star quality. They aren't likely to get tired of lavish items, exclusive opportunities, or — most importantly — the spotlight.

Who better to encapsulate the Leo diva than Carlotta? As the leading soprano of the Opera Populaire, Carlotta is no stranger to the spotlight or the big hair (and hair pieces) that can characterize a Leo's beloved mane. Though she is incredibly talented and passionate about her role in the opera, she struggles to remain humble. She expects everyone to drop what they're doing to accommodate her, and requires groveling and fancy bribes in order to continue to perform up to standard. Plus, she becomes romantically involved with the leading male of the opera house, Piangi. She truly does love him, but the romance is full of theatrics that are appropriate for her Leo placement.

Virgo: Reyer

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) signs are known for operating within the rules and applying reason to their lives. They are usually logical, which helps them create perfection and get things done. Virgos generally believe in repetition and practice, and though they can have a powerful ability to see the big picture, they're much more focused on the details. For Virgos, details are what make things professional and the best they can be. You'll always find a Virgo in a serious state, using their smarts to move through life and achieve greatness. Virgos always bring practicality and perfection.

Reyer is the definition of perfection. As the conductor in the opera house, it's up to him to maintain high standards of the singers, dancers, and rest of the company, so the elaborate productions can go off without a hitch. Reyer is as no-nonsense as you can get: He avoids shenanigans and becomes flustered when the hard work he's put in seems to go out the window because of one of Carlotta's dramatic episodes. However, through all of the drama, Reyer works hard and employs repetition to create beautiful music without which the opera couldn't survive.

Libra: Meg

Libra (September 23 – October 22) signs — symbolized by the scales — embody harmony. They seek to create symmetry among their professional and personal groups and try to find balance so that everyone is happy, which they can often do because of their social adaptability and charm. They tend to focus on the greater good instead of their own needs, which usually means sacrificing their own happiness to help those around them. Like Taurus, they're also ruled by Venus — the planet of love and beauty — so they can be invested in the arts and other beautiful things. 

They often consider every perspective to make the best decision possible, which sometimes means they will play devil's advocate. However, sometimes they hesitate too much when deciding whether or not to trust their own intuition. Because of this, Libras can struggle with indecision. 

Meg Giry is one of the featured dancers in the ballet troupe and she's Christine's best friend. She has become accustomed to providing Christine with comfort and often tries to offer Christine new perspectives to help her through her emotional thoughts. But Meg doesn't just do this with Christine; she is also a very helpful presence for her mother, Madame Giry, and keeps the peace among the other ballerinas as well. Her Libra intuition tells her there's a secret in the opera house that she doesn't know about, but she doubts herself until she sees it with her own eyes.

Scorpio: Phantom

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) signs are associated with power. They are known to be passionate and use their power to get what they want. Scorpio signs have an incredible ability to use their intuition in any situation, and can easily read other people. This sign often views life as a game, in which they vow to be one step ahead in order to come out on top. In particular, they're known to wait out their opponents to win, no matter how long it takes. 

The passion of Scorpios extends to all areas, as they're known to be quite sexual and intense. This most mysterious of the Zodiac signs often struggles with balancing their ambition with their desire to create connections that won't make them feel too vulnerable, even though secretly, that vulnerability can be what they want.

Who is more mysterious than the titular character? The Phantom is not only passionate and in touch with his sexual side, but he is also a complete enigma to everyone he meets, including Christine. He has struggled his whole life with creating connections because of his face, so he has used his power of artistic genius to get ahead and control the opera house. His passion manifests not just through opera, but through his feelings for Christine. He plays the long game by teaching her and trying to win her love, which is a very Scorpio approach, but ultimately, he lets her go because of his love for her.

Sagittarius: Raoul

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) signs are hard to pin down, as they're the curious adventurers of the Zodiac. This sign is extremely curious, and often will dare to do what others wouldn't, especially when their loved ones are involved. They value seeking out the truth and justice, no matter what stands in their way. Sagittarius signs are true explorers, and though they sometimes can be a little too blunt and cause some hurt feelings, they are also extremely kind. They are often optimistic that justice and knowledge will prevail, and they try to include silliness in their lives to ease others' moods.

When Raoul comes to the opera house and reconnects with Christine, it's clear he isn't going to let her go. It's also clear that he isn't going to let this Phantom legend go without finding out the truth of the Phantom of the opera and while others are scared of exploring the opera house to find out what lies in its walls, Raoul sees it as an adventure. When the Phantom stands in his way, Raoul stands up to him and decides to do what's right: Make sure that he doesn't harm anyone ever again.

Raoul is a kind-hearted optimist who jokes around with others, but at the same time, he is serious in his romantic efforts with Christine and his protective efforts against the Phantom. It's these complexities of his character that make him most like a Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Lefevre

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) signs rely on their ambition to push them through life. No matter what happens, they are often able to combine their ambition with resilience to make it through anything. In the face of adversity, they push through, but they also know when to say enough is enough. Though Capricorns can often try to do things by the book, they also have an inner rebellion that occasionally pops out, especially if it's for the greater good. As they age, they tend to become less serious and more silly with the realization that life is short and they need to do everything they can to enjoy it.

Monsieur Lefevre embodies the Capricorn sign well, as he has been in charge of the Opera Populaire for a long time. He's put together and forthcoming with advice for Andre and Firmin on how to best run the opera house and maintain the business. It's classic Capricorn, as this sign can be very business and goal-oriented. Although Lefevre has been by the book with running the opera house, he also has a secret rebellious streak: He pays the Phantom a salary, even though he is not a true employee. Lefevre has given so much of his Capricorn energy to the opera house that he deserves to retire and enjoy life while he still can.