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Henry Cavill Has Big Real-World Goals For Superman's Future

"Black Adam," starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the title character, hit theaters in October 2022. While the film opened many new doors for the DCEU and elaborated on some of the gods first introduced in "Shazam," one of the most shocking things about the latest addition to the DCEU was the post-credit scene.

Showcasing the return of Viola Davis' Amanda Waller as she confronts Black Adam, the latter tells her that no one on the planet would be able to stop him. Cleverly responding that she has connections to people not of Earth, the end credit scene cuts to Henry Cavill's Superman. This had moviegoers gagged because the sight of Henry Cavill in the DCEU hasn't been seen since "Justice League."

With his shocking appearance at the end of "Black Adam," fans have been buzzing with speculation about what's next for Superman. Henry Cavill has some ideas of his own. Having a very special place in his heart for the character, the British actor hopes he can bring about a more inspiring Superman to the DCEU.

Henry Cavill's love of Superman shows in his goals for the character

Having already teased on Instagram that his appearance in "Black Adam" was only the beginning, fans anxiously await more news about Henry Cavill's return to the role. In his Instagram reel, he thanked his fans for their patience and promised that it would be rewarded with what's to come. During an interview with Screen Rant, the man himself discussed his return to Superman.

"Obviously, I have a very close connection to the character. And there is something extraordinarily special about him; extraordinarily special about his capacity to give and to love," Cavill said. "I don't mean romantically; I mean his love for Earth and for the people who live here, and to make people feel powerful — to make people feel like Superman themselves."

For Cavill, the most important part of Superman is his ability to make everyone feel like they're super too. Superman has always been more than just a hero. He's a symbol and a reminder to everyone that there's something out there in the world for them. He's a reminder that any length of courage and kindness can make someone a hero, and Cavill wants to emphasize that.

"The most important thing, which I will be aiming for, is for the audience to leave the cinema and to feel like they can fly, to feel like they can protect, and to feel like they want to give to everyone else," Cavill expressed his high hopes for what he can deliver. With so much passion and promise behind his return to the character, fans are hopeful that Superman will get the respect he deserves from future projects.