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Cate Blanchett Admits She Often Feels Regret On The Final Day Of A Movie Shoot

Depending on who you are, dealing with the notion of regret can be anything from irritating to practically paralyzing. Whether it's from a past relationship, financial decision, or simply the wrong choice of meal ordered, regret can fester like an infection in which the act of acceptance seems to be its primary cure. One topic that is often looked back on with the feeling as if alternative steps should have been made is employment. Whether it was one isolated gig or a certain path chosen that affects an entire career, employment regret is something plenty of people experience.

It's hard to look back at Cate Blanchett's career and believe she can possibly have any regrets. After all, she's gifting fans with her incredible performances in TV and film productions of all genres. Whether is being a powerful elf in the "Lord of the Rings" franchise, an oppressive fascist in "Indiana Jones," or Katharine Hepburn in "The Aviator," the majority of fans will agree that the Australian-born actress should look back with nothing but pride and self-admiration.

However, according to Blanchett herself, this isn't the case. In fact, over the 30 years of entertainment credits, she has dealt with regret in many of the film productions she's been involved in. Although, this sort of regret does not come from looking back at previous work, but rather on the final day of whatever project she is currently performing in.

Cate Blanchett looks back at her characters with regret

Whether it's television or film, Blanchett brings an untouchable level of talent to whatever production she is part of. However for herself, as she tells Sean Evans during a "Hot Ones" interview, Blanchett feels a sense of regret on the last day of shooting a film, no matter what the role. That's because this is the moment when she realizes, in her mind, she could've done so much more.

When Blanchett wraps up her filming, she feels like she could have done better. "Yeah, all the things, you could've, should've, would've done," she admits. When Evans asked her if there was one role that stuck out in her mind that she regretted the most, she explains, "I mean it's always the one I just did," referring to her new film, "Tar." When talking to Vulture, Blanchett explains that while she's filled with regret on the last day of shooting a movie, that factor changes when it comes to live theater. She lays it out by saying, "That's what I love about theater: You get to go out the next night and repair the f***-ups that you did the night before, but with film, there is a strange sense of loss, because you have to let that person go."

Well, if one thing's for sure, hitting the talent level that Cate Blanchett has achieved requires a certain amount of perfection. It seems unavoidable that no matter how incredible her performance can be, she will always have a better understanding of her character after experiencing some time in their shoes. The good news for Blanchett (and her fans) is that she surely will have plenty of future roles to help her forget about those regretful thoughts of the past.