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What Is The Jazz Song In The Middle Of Family Guy Season 21 Episode 6?

"Family Guy" famously references older pop culture, whether that involves Bing Crosby, "The Wizard of Oz," or an absurd joke where Moby Dick is a guest of the Griffins. Show creator and voice actor Seth MacFarlane, however, especially adores big band music. Songs from the Great American Songbook have either appeared in the series, or they've been ruthlessly parodied.

MacFarlane, in fact, was trained as a singer by a couple who had worked with Frank Sinatra, among others (via NPR). As the star explained to NPR, after recording his own vocal jazz album, "This kind of music is what I've always been drawn to." His show often mocks classic musicians and albums, but it seems to be coming from a place of love, not disdain.

If you're watching "Family Guy," it's tempting to look up whatever random bit of film or music history the episode's cutaways might be referencing. Here's the jazz song that appeared on the most recent episode of the show. 

I Got Rhythm is a famous George Gershwin song

On the "Family Guy" Season 21 episode, "Happy Holo-Ween," Stewie is shocked when Brian doesn't know how to sing the words to this famous tune. "It's in the name!" the evil baby exclaims.

The song Brian ends up fumbling is the classic jazz standard "I Got Rhythm," whose title is indeed anchored to the melody. Composed by George Gershwin with lyrics by older brother Ira Gershwin, it was originally published in 1930 for the musical "Girl Crazy," which also has the popular song "Embraceable You" (via The Gershwin Initiative).

"I Got Rhythm" has had a legacy far beyond "Girl Crazy," however. According to Second Hand Songs, the piece has been covered by dozens of artists, including Judy Garland and The Happenings, and its central chord progression has been adapted for various jazz compositions (via The Gershwin Initiative). It's a song that has truly endured in pop culture, whether or not "Family Guy" makes a reference to it.