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Eduardo Franco From Stranger Things Struggled With Argyle's Van

"Stranger Things" Season 4 gave us the most colorful cast of characters to be featured on the hit Netflix show. Along with the original roster, fans were gifted with a collection of new faces that have become just as beloved. Whether you fell in love with Hellfire club leader Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), wished we got more of the adorable Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien), or even have a secret soft spot for the Henry Creel/Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), it seems that the latest season of "Stranger Things" struck gold in introducing some of the most memorable characters the show has dished up. And with the upcoming fifth season aiming not to bring any new characters (via IndieWire), "Stranger Things 4" seems to be the last chance such a group of charismatic characters will be brought into the series.

Amongst this new crop of charming cast members is Argyle, portrayed by "American Vandal" actor Eduardo Franco. The best friend of Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton), Argyle works as a pizza delivery guy for Surfer Boy Pizza, where he'll probably try getting you to try pineapples on your pizza (try before you deny). The stoner teams up with Jonathan, Will (Noah Schnapp), and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) to save Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), helping them create a sensory deprivation tank and driving them around in his truck. However, while Argyle may have taken an easy-breezy approach to this latter task, in reality, Eduardo Franco's time with the truck couldn't have been any more hectic.

Franco had to get used to driving stick shift

Argyle's Surfer Boy Pizza delivery van helped the team get around in California while trying to save Eleven. However, the truck was anything but helpful for Argyle's actor, Eduardo Franco, who soon learned that it wasn't just the design of the vehicle that was old school about it. In an interview with The New York Times, Franco comments on the difficulties he experienced while working with the van. "It was touchy, an 80-something," Franco says. "I was taught how to drive that van by this professional stunt driver — I'd never driven a stick shift before and it was the worst thing to learn on, because it was just so old. But he was always in the van with me when I was driving, hiding in the car just in case." Thankfully, Franco was able to make it work and keep his cool as Argyle, even when his friends rushed in with a wounded agent while running away from angry gunmen.

It's almost impossible to imagine anyone else taking on the task that Franco was able to succeed in. However, this almost wasn't the case, as Franco originally auditioned for a completely different character. "I read for Eddie [Munsen]," Franco says in an interview with Insider on the red carpet of the MTV Movie & TV Awards. "I'm so happy it went to Joseph Quinn. He's incredible. He's so lovely. They made a beautiful decision. I back it a hundred percent."