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Jennifer Coolidge And Naomi Watts Want A Final Nora-Karen Showdown In The Watcher Season 2

Contains spoilers for "The Watcher" Season 1

The ending of "The Watcher" Season 1 might not conclusively reveal the identity of the titular Watcher, but it certainly includes more than enough intrigue for the show to potentially continue. With Theodora Birch's (Noma Dumezweni) deathbed confession effectively rendered moot, the mysteries of 657 Boulevard still remain, and nearly every surviving character have their own ties to the place and its dark secret ... whether they like it or not.

Two characters that end the series worse for emotional wear are Jennifer Coolidge's Karen and Naomi Watts' Nora, and both actors feel there's still a story to tell between the two. In a presser that had Looper in attendance, Coolidge and Watts made abundantly clear that their characters have a bone to pick with each other in the hopefully incoming sophomore season of the series. This is why Jennifer Coolidge and Naomi Watts want a final Nora-Karen showdown in "The Watcher" Season 2.

The actors feel the characters need to get what's coming to them

When asked about what plans Jennifer Coolidge would have for her character should she dare to venture near 657 Bulevard after her horrifying encounter with the Watcher in the apparent flesh, the actor had some very definite ideas about Karen and Nora. However, she doesn't side with either character, rather opting to wish that both of them will have a bad time in the show's potential future. 

"Well, I think Karen needs a good slap across the face," Coolidge said. "And maybe ... I think Nora needs to be punished."   

Meanwhile, Naomi Watts had similar ideas on how the next confrontation between the two would go, though she had own ideas about the showdown's winner. "Nora's going to take her down," she expressed her belief about what her character would do to Karen.

The line between the two characters has clearly been drawn, and since the two talented actors portraying Karen and Nora would clearly enjoy seeing a face-off between the two, one can only hope that "The Watcher" will get another season.  

"The Watcher" is now available for viewing on Netflix.