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Game Of Thrones Set Video Reveals Major Spoiler

This post contains spoilers for upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones

At long last, we've reached the endgame stage of Game of Thrones. With only six episodes remaining in the saga, the series has finally reached a point where many characters, and the causes they represent, are bound to start meeting their ultimate ends. Despite the best efforts of the producers to keep the story's secrets under wraps, there's some things you just can't hide — like the outcome, in this case, of a gigantic outdoor battle.

Allow us to repeat ourselves — the following behind-the-scenes footage appears to feature a major spoiler for how the end of Game of Thrones will go down. If you've come to terms with that and you're ready to ride, keep reading.

The noble watchmen at the Song of Ice and Fire fan site Watchers on the Wall have gotten their hands on a video from the outskirts of the real-life Winterfell set at Moneyglass in Northern Ireland, and it seems to reveal a fiery end for the Stark family's ancestral home. Posted on Facebook, the video clearly shows the entirety of Winterfell lit up and in flames, meaning that unless this is some very expensive misdirection on the part of the show's producers, we can be all but certain that Winterfell is doomed to fall before the series' end.

Watchers on the Wall has been tracking activity at the Moneyglass set for months now, recording the production team's progress as they built new trenches and fortifications at the site and began filming a massive siege in a nighttime shoot. Put all together, the behind-the-scenes footage that's been gathered appears to indicate season eight will feature a major battle at Winterfell that the North is set to lose.

Since the TV series is coming to an end well ahead of the books, Winterfell's evident fate is a spoiler for just about everybody. It's yet to be revealed, however, just who is doing the burning — and fans of Game of Thrones know all too well that there are plenty of likely candidates. For what it's worth, analysis of the behind-the-scenes footage indicates that the attackers appear to be human, as opposed to the zombified hordes of the Night's King. 

Additionally, though the flames taking Winterfell are their natural orange color in the behind-the-scenes footage, WotW notes that the fires could easily be altered in post-production to serve as Viserion's blue fire, or the green flames of wildfire. Either way, someone's torching Winterfell.

While this is of course a major setback, we have doubts the fall of Winterfell will spell the end for all of the Starks. With enemies approaching from every direction after the collapse of the Wall, the fall of Winterfell was perhaps inevitable. Here's hoping the surviving Starks are able to rally their troops to make a new home in the final episodes — perhaps at King's Landing, secure on the Iron Throne at last.

The final season of Game of Thrones will air on HBO in 2019.