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Black Panther Advance Ticket Sales Break Superhero Movie Record

We're still two weeks away from the release of Black Panther, and it's already breaking records.

Deadline reports that the upcoming Marvel blockbuster became Fandango's top-selling superhero movie of all time when it comes to advance ticket sales, topping 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

As of today (Jan. 31), Black Panther is the No. 1 daily ticket seller on Fandango, even though it doesn't open until Feb. 16.

It's likely that glowing reactions from the world premiere on Monday and the social media embargo lift played a part in the recent surge in ticket sales. Three weeks back, Fandango also reported that Black Panther sold more advance tickets in the first 24 hours than 2016's Captain America: Civil War

Industry insiders project Black Panther will debut with an opening weekend around $120 million and possibly as high as $150 million over four days. Deadpool currently owns the all-time records for February and the Presidents Day holiday with $152 million.

According to a Fandango poll of more than 1,000 people who bought tickets to Black Panther, 97 percent are looking forward to a different kind of superhero movie, 95 percent look forward to the movie's positive messages, 86 percent are excited to see the film's all-female guards; and 84% are really excited to see Michael B. Jordan as the villainous Erik Killmonger.

Fandango is also selling collectible advance ticket gift cards. Take a look below.