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Fans Are Worried About Gino After AHS:NYC Episode 4

Warning: This article contains spoilers for "American Horror Story: NYC" Episode 4

"American Horror Story: NYC" may feature plenty of returning faces from past seasons of the spooky FX anthology series, such as Billie Lourd and Patti LuPone, but the acting talent's new blood is the real star of the show this time around. Russell Tovey, Charlie Carver, and Joe Mantello all make their "American Horror Story" debut, with their characters getting embroiled in a strange serial killer case set in 1980s New York City.

While fan concerns about "American Horror Story" Season 11 seem valid, the newcomers are a definitive bright spot. Mantello's Gino in particular has made a positive impression on fans. Between his proactive role as a journalist tracking down clues pertaining to the central mystery and the clear care he feels for his partner Patrick (played by Tovey), it's hard not to hope that the man can somehow make it out of the latest season of this depraved series relatively unscathed.

Of course, it's never quite that simple with "American Horror Story." Within the first three episodes alone, Gino gets drugged, kidnapped, and very nearly freezes to death in a morgue. It seems that the journalist encounters danger at pretty much every turn. The end of Episode 4 doesn't help that idea either, as the conclusion sees Gino in more of a life-threatening situation than ever before. The cliffhanger ending has many fans worried that they might be seeing the last of Gino soon.

Fans wish Gino could catch a break

The conclusion of "American Horror Story: NYC" Episode 4 sees Patrick and Gino having a nasty spat before the latter abruptly collapses. A rush to the hospital confirms that Gino is ill, likely with the same mysterious virus (we don't know if this is meant to represent the real-life HIV epidemic of the 1980s yet) that Billie Lourd's Rachel has been seeing crop up across both the wild deer population and the gay community of NYC.

Essentially, things aren't looking bright for Gino by the episode's end, and some fans aren't happy about it. "In a matter of weeks, Gino has gotten drugged and kidnapped, locked in the morgue, developed a virus, and had what appeared to be a heart attack... leave him alone!" one fan of the series tweeted.

Other fans have echoed similar sentiments, with a few singling out series co-creator Ryan Murphy as the potential subject of their ire should future episodes feature Gino's untimely demise. "Gino pls don't die omfg RYAN I WILL COME FOR YOU IF GINO DIES," another user tweeted.

Considering the show's track record of killing a substantial amount of characters off every season, it may be best to prepare for the worst. Counting every character who died in "American Horror Story: Murder House"  lands you at a jaw-dropping 41 fatalities. If "American Horror Story: NYC" looks to attain those same gory heights, then Gino may very well be a goner sooner rather than later.