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How The Enola Holmes Sequel Will Differ From The First

Netflix's "Enola Holmes" combines the premise of the "Sherlock Holmes" stories with a new and vibrant title character played by Millie Bobby Brown. Based on a series of books by Nancy Springer that showcase mysteries solved by the younger sister of the classic British detective, the movie allows an influential character and archetype from literature to come to life as an intelligent and independent young woman who is not at all concerned with the restrictive social norms of late 19th-century England.

"Enola Holmes" largely revolves around Enola searching for her mother, Eudoria Holmes (Helena Bonham Carter), while getting sidetracked by a mystery that threatens the very safety and prosperity of the United Kingdom. "Enola Holmes 2" is expected to maintain the sense of adventure established in the first film but is likely to be more intense since the character will now be running her very own detective agency. But how else will "Enola Holmes 2" differ from the character's first outing?

Enola will interact with people from different backgrounds

"Enola Holmes 2" will differ from the first film in new and evolved ways. In an interview with Netflix Queue in which Millie Bobby Brown, director Harry Bradbeer, and screenwriter Jack Thorne all participated, it was revealed that a real event from history, the 1888 Match Girls' Strike — a female-led strike against the dangerous working conditions at a London match factory — will factor into the plot of the film. "We wanted this to be more of a grown-up film, with a grittier, more dangerous story," the director commented. "We wanted to tell a story that brought Enola into contact with people outside her background and class by introducing her to working girls of her own age. ... And so that's where the match factory idea came in."

Brown added, "I find it so inspiring to think of these young women, who basically have no power at all, rising up against the system. But also it's consistent with the theme of sisterhood that runs through this film. Jack and Harry were so clever in how they bring Enola into the movement." The themes of female empowerment will likely factor into the film's story a large deal, with Helena Bonham Carter's Eudoria and Susan Wokoma's Edith both returning and Hannah Dodd in a new mystery role. "Enola Holmes 2" premieres on Netflix on Friday, November 4.