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The School For Good And Evil Fans Are Praising Agatha Over Her Power To Stay True To Herself

Netflix's "The School for Good and Evil" is a fantasy movie that takes viewers to a land of fairy tales. Yet, at its heart, the adaptation from one of Soman Chainani's six-book series delivers a story of friendship and cleverly examines why it's wrong to label people. Agatha (Sofia Wylie) and Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) are two best friends taken to a world where there are schools for fairy tale heroes and villains, called the School for Good and the School for Evil. But the trouble is afloat at both institutions as nothing is quite what it seems.

When Agatha is placed in the School for Good, she quickly thinks there's been a mistake. Bucking societal trends back home and being labeled an outcast for much of her life, she doesn't look like the idealistic picture taught at the school. Remember that this place grades more on beauty and smiles than good deeds. "The School for Good and Evil" could have presented a story of a character struggling between being herself and trying to change to appease her teachers and peers. Instead, in a refreshing take for a protagonist, Agatha manages to stay true to herself. And fans on Twitter couldn't help but praise her for it.

Fans are impressed that Agatha couldn't be swayed

Netflix's "The School for Good and Evil" delivers a few important messages and themes about friendship and the true core of good and evil against any superficial notions. However, perhaps its most crucial takeaway comes in the form of Agatha. As some fans on Twitter pointed out, despite her many trials and tribulations throughout the School for Good, and her quest to save her friend Sophie, Agatha never falters in her resolve to stay true to herself. As a result, fans love her for it. "The best part of 'The School for Good and Evil is that Agatha stayed true to her beliefs the entire movie, didn't change for nobody, didn't succumb to peer pressure, [stuck] by her friend AND didn't stick around for some man; a REAL character right there," @miecyzt wrote. Another fan, @imteenytho_ agreed, adding "...Like she literally never changed for anyone and that made her be exactly in the right place."

In "The School for Good and Evil," Agatha displays countless instances of empathy and selflessness to the point where even school dean Clarissa Dovey (Kerry Washington) acknowledges her as the school's first actual princess in a long time. That's because, unlike the school, which keeps up the appearance of being good, Agatha is naturally a good person through her actions. In addition, her moral compass allows her to question any corruption from the school's authority figures.

But one of Agatha's most vital characteristics is her loyalty to her best friend, Sophie, whose actions in the film are the opposite. As @OddlyDivine noted, "Sophie was so easy to persuade, making it easier for evil to creep on her, she doubted herself because she wasn't confident in herself, unlike Agatha." Agatha's unwavering loyalty, a strong sense of self, and love for her friend are what save Sophie's life duringĀ the ending of "The School for Good and Evil."